Video of the Day: Kate Boothman – “I Am An Animal”

Let’s talk about songs that sound like certain seasons. I know it’s currently summer, but this song feels like fall to me. I can feel leaves crunching under my feet when I hear it. I can smell earth as I walk down a changing trail when I hear it. I really like how this video also captures some of that aesthetic, along with the shifting overlays that keep you disoriented and unsure.

About Kate Boothman

“Kate has gained a reputation as a solo performer, playing repeatedly as the invited opener for established songwriting talents like Blue Rodeo, Wilco, Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), and Kathleen Edwards . After taking 3 years to settle back into the Northumberland Hills from where she came, Kate emerges with the rock and roll venture – I Am An Animal.”

Want to hear more? We’ve added this song to our July TOTD playlist on Spotify. Check that out here.


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