Video of the Day: Dave Paulson “Don’t Let It Get You Down” – Sandusky, Ohio

What? Was I not going to share a video that uses snippets of Tommy Boy? It turns out the whole album, Sandusky, Ohio is based around Tommy Boy. No, seriously. And it’s very good. When pressed on it, Dave says: “It is a sincere and earnest album, not a joke in the slightest.” And really, at it’s core, there is a lot of emotional depth to Tommy Boy. Yes, it’s a silly movie, but at it’s core it’s an exploration of relationships, fathers and sons, transfers of power, and a lot of other more serious themes that when looked at through a certain lens can become a lot more powerful than first glance.

This particular track is described as: “Tommy and Richard hit the road to try to sell enough brake pads to save the company, and have to stay optimistic through numerous rejections” And each track has a brief synopsis on Dave’s website: 

This is a trend I’d love to see get started. Taking projects that on the surface don’t seem like a serious exploration, and then just making amazing art with it anyway.




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