Video of the Day: Jamar Carr “American Way (Prod. AZ Beats)”

Alright guys, time to broaden your perspective a little bit. First, go watch that video, you don’t need my background first, you need to see it. Go. Now….

….okay. Are you back? Cool. I can’t even begin to get into all of the allusions that are going on in this video. I would suggest if you are interested in some of it, a great place to start is with the Netflix documentary: 13th. Which goes into a lot more detail about the history of mass incarceration of African-American’s in this country, and really hammers home how much of the issue centers around government policy, much of which is referenced in Jamar Carr’s music video.


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He also goes on to reference Colin Kaepernick, which I’m sure my conservative readers won’t find any issue with ;). Just kidding, we all know those people stopped reading/listening to us months ago. If you’re really excited to hear more from Jamar Carr, we are going to have him on a podcast episode soon, and will always be adding a Facebook Live interview with him in the near future hopefully.

In the meantime, go listen to his song on our Spotify playlist. 

Go watch 13th on Netflix and report back your findings.

And go listen to previous podcast episodes.

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