TOTD: Wildeor “The Devil Makes Three”

So much about this song makes it perfect for me to absolutely get engrossed in today. If you didn’t know, my wife and I are currently in Ireland for a couple of weeks. This is the perfect song for navigating one lane backroads while overlooking sheer rock cliffs that drop into the Atlantic. Another reason is that I have been listening to the band, Devil Makes Three, so much since arriving here. While they and Wildeor are two totally different vibes, they are a perfect combination for a really unique show put on by two sets of phenomenal storytellers.

Wildeor has a style that I would call modern Celtic folk (copyright pending), and they absolutely crush it. The song starts out with a very minimalistic melody, but takes on a new life when Megan Brickwood’s pure and pitch perfect voice rolls on top of the now secondary instruments. The instrumentation is complex enough to give it life with cellist, Mark Bassett, and percussionist, Caleb Conner, understanding that they are setting the stage for Megan with the music and the extraordinary gang vocals they provide starting at :45.


I talk about this all the time, but I’m going to say it again. I really enjoy bands who know that to accomplish the perfect song, they have to understand their purpose. This is a band who knows what their purpose is. They know that they each bring something very special to the table, and that to make everything gel, they have to strike a balance. I have listened through their whole self-titled EP, and every song has that balance. Nobody seems to be stretching for that extra 15 seconds, and listeners can usually tell and appreciate that. This is such a strong debut EP from the LA based band, and we here at B-Side can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Video of the Day: PreCog “Compete”

PreCog, the dark-electronic band based out of Nashville, has come in swinging haymakers with this video, both literally and figuratively. PreCog tells the story of what it costs to be right, and how the price you pay typically isn’t worth what you gain.

Bret Pemelton, the video’s director and the guitarist of the band, says, “I went with a literal take on the song’s title.  I liked the idea of this mystical female person arriving out of nowhere and manipulates the, seemingly disconnected, young couple to resort to their primal instincts. The final scene shows the couple, in a defeated posture, approaching and mounting an Olympic type podium, both at equal heights at opposite sides. The torch bearing mystical woman rises as the victor.  Like two warring factions, countries and ideologies that seek to decimate the other, there’s never really any winners. Justice raises her torch to illuminate this ugly truth.”

I think that the truth of the song also carries over into our personal lives. The battle to be right with friends and family sometimes leads to irreparable damage, and nothing to show for it. There are definitely things that we need to stand our ground on, but how many times do arguments end with both parties forgetting what the fight started about in the first place?

“Be wrong today. At the very least, don’t shove your ‘right’ in someone else’s face.” – Mystical Female probably

TOTD: Carter Vail “Melatonin”

Okay, let’s start out with something real quick. I wasn’t sold on this song at first because of the way it opens at the 8 second mark is reminiscent of a 90’s boy band. I expected to hear someone say, “I want it that way,” but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

When Carter Vail’s vocals kick in, you can tell this is going to be a completely different, more inspired, beast entirely. Carter Vail says, “Melatonin is an unusual blend of laid back guitar music and Americana banjos. Lyrically focused, the song brings to mind a west coast nostalgia, with images of pink sunglasses, wired telephones and Cadillacs,” and he could not be more on point. It reminds me of the best sleep I’ve ever had.

This is actually a very true story, and an appropriate anecdote. I dreamt one time that my wife and I were driving up California Route 1 in an old Shelby Cobra, and it is seriously the best dream I’ve ever had. I’ve had more exciting dreams, but this one is my favorite. This one gave off a feeling of warmth. That’s what this song is. Everyone has heard a song that got their heart rate going more, but that’s not the point of this song. Some songs were meant to be played with the windows down, driving on scenic backroads, with sunglasses and no directions. This is one of those.

Mid Day Music Blast: Caroline Lazar “Georgia”


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I love how analog this song sounds. It really sounds like your favorite vinyl that you’ve played so many times that there are a few clicks and distortions, but that really adds to the flavor of the song. One of my favorite elements of the song, as someone from the small town south, is the crickets playing the background. It makes me so nostalgic for summer nights where their sounds are the orchestra to playing tag, hide and seek, catching fireflies, etc.

“Why am I looking for you looking for someone else

Bending over backwards to see if you are kissing to tell,

chapped lips soaked in red wine,

maybe it’s the last time.”


What a strong start to the song lyrically. It has all of those elements that I mentioned before of the nostalgia of young love, and it’s so relatable. Who hasn’t been caught up with someone and wondered about the intentions, wondered if it was actually going to go anywhere? I really can’t say enough good things about this song. Do yourself a favor and add it to all your playlists. We already added it to ours.



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Morning Commute: ollebirde – “You Let Me Down”

Wake up! It’s Saturday morning and I have the perfect song to get your Saturday started right! The build up on this song is so cool, and I love that the melody reminds me so much of that classic Wham! song “Careless Whisper”Where that song meanders and ventures in melancholy, this song stays upbeat and makes you want to dance around the kitchen while you get your coffee going and make brunch plans.

Also, I just have to mention some other things that ollebirde have done that I’m in love with, like this beautiful cover of one of my favorite The National songs:

What I’m basically saying is, go follow them everywhere you can, because they are oozing with potential and I can’t wait to see what else they create.


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