TOTD: Carter Vail “Melatonin”

Okay, let’s start out with something real quick. I wasn’t sold on this song at first because of the way it opens at the 8 second mark is reminiscent of a 90’s boy band. I expected to hear someone say, “I want it that way,” but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

When Carter Vail’s vocals kick in, you can tell this is going to be a completely different, more inspired, beast entirely. Carter Vail says, “Melatonin is an unusual blend of laid back guitar music and Americana banjos. Lyrically focused, the song brings to mind a west coast nostalgia, with images of pink sunglasses, wired telephones and Cadillacs,” and he could not be more on point. It reminds me of the best sleep I’ve ever had.

This is actually a very true story, and an appropriate anecdote. I dreamt one time that my wife and I were driving up California Route 1 in an old Shelby Cobra, and it is seriously the best dream I’ve ever had. I’ve had more exciting dreams, but this one is my favorite. This one gave off a feeling of warmth. That’s what this song is. Everyone has heard a song that got their heart rate going more, but that’s not the point of this song. Some songs were meant to be played with the windows down, driving on scenic backroads, with sunglasses and no directions. This is one of those.

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