TOTD: Boxes – “Let Me In”

“I believe in superstition, but this is strange to me”

I love how this song starts off. You know how the song “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder/Stevie Ray Vaughn (whichever you prefer) has a certain atmosphere about it that lends itself to the lyrics? I think this song does the same thing. It’s got this ethereal quality about it that perfectly lends itself to the transcendental and sometimes strange.

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“And in the dark, in the dark in the dark, when we can barely see,
Well I can still feel the love through the touch of your body
You gotta get up, get up, get up and get away from me
CAUSE I still wanna believe but the fear is still in control of me ”

Something that really strikes me about this song is the intense ambivalence in the speaker. On one hand, he is very attracted to this dangerous force, and on the other, he’s quite scared of it. I’m trying to figure out who he’s trying to protect here. It sort of seems at first like he’s afraid of the hold his lover can put on him, but by the end, I think he’s afraid of hurting them. “Because I know my heart and my heart won’t stop to, love you. ” It’s got to be quite painful, to care for someone, and try to protect them from the inevitable hurt you might cause them. This song is definitely one worth revisiting several times. Luckily for you, we’ve added it to our July TOTD playlist right here.


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