Track of the Day: Appointments

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I know, I know. I can hear you screaming at your computer right now, “Julien Baker?!?! She’s not a hidden talent!” And…well…you’re right. The thing about this website is that there are going to be a lot of things that don’t fall into the “undiscovered artist” category. We are still going to show more love to musicians who haven’t hit their break yet, but we are also going to post a lot about people who have hit their break. The show is going to be reserved for solely undiscovered music, and the parameters surrounding those artists will be upheld.

We plan on doing a lot of different things with the website that include more well known artists: album reviews, tracks of the day, festival previews, show reviews, etc. This “Track of the Day” is to prepare you for that, and I figured what better way than with an artist who fell in our parameters for the show less than two years ago.

Julien Baker oozes with emotion, and has us hanging off of every word she says with minimal help from instrumentation. She tells stories not only with her lyrics alone, but with her inflection and timing as well.

Just to appease you though, if you’re looking to get on board with the next Julien Baker, check out tomorrow’s TOTD.

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