Morning Commute: ollebirde – “You Let Me Down”

Wake up! It’s Saturday morning and I have the perfect song to get your Saturday started right! The build up on this song is so cool, and I love that the melody reminds me so much of that classic Wham! song “Careless Whisper”Where that song meanders and ventures in melancholy, this song stays upbeat and makes you want to dance around the kitchen while you get your coffee going and make brunch plans.

Also, I just have to mention some other things that ollebirde have done that I’m in love with, like this beautiful cover of one of my favorite The National songs:

What I’m basically saying is, go follow them everywhere you can, because they are oozing with potential and I can’t wait to see what else they create.


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Video of the Day: Sophia Danai “Come Thru”

If I only had one word to describe Sophia Danai’s voice, it would be the word “raw.” She has a very powerful voice, but it’s the emotive rasp that really sold me on her. The cadence and timing of her words is exceptional as well. She is what you would get if Billie Holiday was brought to 2018 and fell in love with blues riffs.

Danai says that the lyrics and the passion behind this song come from a very personal place. The words may be repetitive, but they carry so much power with them. Her message is simple, but has so much weight to it, “Even though it can be terrifying, it’s such a release to claim your space and stand your ground. That is one of the most difficult things in life for me, and that is what this song is about.”

If you are looking for raw emotion, we’ve got it for you with this track.

Mid-Day Music Blast: Of The Valley – “Italy”


My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to see the National last night at Boston Calling, and I think we’ve found their heir apparent here with Of The Valley. The second verse really stands out to me as a gut punch:

“I wrote your letter on my face

To remind myself you are near

‘Open me in Italy’ I couldn’t, I had my own life to feed

Now I’m moving forward and it feels like you’re moving forward too

The way I move- is it touching you

The way that I move- is it still touching you”


I feel like anyone who has been through a rough break up can empathize with those lyrics. The ambivalent nature of moving on, getting better, growing up, but those random moments of thinking back and wondering who that person you used to love might be now, whether they ever think about you, whether your initial impact still has a lasting one. Anyway, just a really great song, go check them out.

You can find them on Spotify here. 

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Morning Commute: Black Sheep



Start your Saturday morning off right with this catchy throwback track from Grandmother Corn! Isn’t Saturday really the best day to do things that may make your family think of you as the black sheep? Jam out to “Black Sheep” off Grandmother Corn’s May released album, Daphne to put yourself in the right vibes to start drinking before noon, get that new tattoo, make an irresponsible purchase, or live it up in whatever way you see fit. Black Sheep have more fun.

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Have a great Saturday guys,


TOTD: Into the Ark “Caroline”

Everyone from Neil Diamond to OutKast have written about their experiences with a girl named Caroline. Aminé, Noah Gundersen, and Netherfriends are among the multitude who have written their reviews of Caroline in the last ten years alone. Add Into the Ark to those ranks with their new song… “Caroline.” Of course.

That is where the similarities end though. This track is phenomenal. I also like that this song starts out going in a much different direction than most songs about the famous Caroline.

“I was the deer and you were the car. Such pretty lights to the eye that doesn’t know that the feeling of weightless means the higher you fly, the further you fall.”

These lyrics set the stage for a much different love story.

Then, the falsetto in the chorus really takes the song to another level as you learn that “only Caroline can do this to you. Only Caroline can be this cruel. Caroline will beat you at the only game you know.”

In summation, Caroline’s have been having an impact on musicians since the beginning of time, and the guys at Into the Ark were able to break free of the Caroline Curse* and write this vulnerable song about their time together.

*The Caroline Curse is not a real (proven) thing, and all Carolines I know are wonderful and beautiful people.

Spotify Link


Video of the Day: Robert Ledet “Play For Free”

I came for the wig, and stayed for the talent. Robert Ledet’s new video dropped today, and it is a lot of fun! With a style that’s like St. Paul and the Broken Bones’ music had a baby with Ben Folds’ voice and style, Play For Free tells a story that almost all musicians can relate to: You have to play your music for whoever will listen, and you frequently have to do it for less money than you should earn. This is the kind of subject that could lead to a song becoming angsty, but Robert handles his frustration with tongue in cheek humor, and an upbeat and fun song.

Check out their Spotify here

Mid Day Music Blast: Homunculus by Dumaresq


So let’s start off by defining homunculus. The basic definition is just a very small human, or humanoid creature, like Thumbalina. It’s connotation is often a little darker than that, with mythological stories involving alchemy, witchcraft, ancient wisdom, the ability to see the future, etc. etc.

So generally they were small humanoids, made by someone else, sometimes for evil intent, or even when it’s not, there are questions of creator/creation morality that get brought up. Think Frankenstein and his relationship with Dr. Frankenstein, or Westworld’s exploration of A.I. and creators. So, with all that in mind, let’s check out some lyrics from this really intriguing song.

“you’re watching a movie
and the theatre is in my head
you’re watching a TV show
and the characters are my friends
and you’re upset
with these new plot threads
new dark tone
new set, new show
you wish you could direct
but you’re a fragment of me
so instead

you’re thinking of the life
you have in me”


I love the idea of using TV as some sort of metaphor for interpersonal relationships, or some sort of Solipsistic thought experiment about our relationships. I’m not going to over analyze the lyrics here, I’m just going to say there is some rich poetry going on in this song, and these guys have found a new fan….in meeeeeeeee (only people who listen to the song will get this joke).

“man, I’d rather feel fear than tedium
I’m just here to laugh
I’m just here to laugh
I’m just here to have a laugh”
This reminds me so much of a certain famous moment in Rick and Morty when Morty exclaims to summer the meaninglessness of everything and gives his solution in the form of “come watch T.V.”

So instead I’ll say, life is meaningless, go listen to Dumaresq.

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