Mid Day Music Blast: Homunculus by Dumaresq


So let’s start off by defining homunculus. The basic definition is just a very small human, or humanoid creature, like Thumbalina. It’s connotation is often a little darker than that, with mythological stories involving alchemy, witchcraft, ancient wisdom, the ability to see the future, etc. etc.

So generally they were small humanoids, made by someone else, sometimes for evil intent, or even when it’s not, there are questions of creator/creation morality that get brought up. Think Frankenstein and his relationship with Dr. Frankenstein, or Westworld’s exploration of A.I. and creators. So, with all that in mind, let’s check out some lyrics from this really intriguing song.

“you’re watching a movie
and the theatre is in my head
you’re watching a TV show
and the characters are my friends
and you’re upset
with these new plot threads
new dark tone
new set, new show
you wish you could direct
but you’re a fragment of me
so instead

you’re thinking of the life
you have in me”


I love the idea of using TV as some sort of metaphor for interpersonal relationships, or some sort of Solipsistic thought experiment about our relationships. I’m not going to over analyze the lyrics here, I’m just going to say there is some rich poetry going on in this song, and these guys have found a new fan….in meeeeeeeee (only people who listen to the song will get this joke).

“man, I’d rather feel fear than tedium
I’m just here to laugh
I’m just here to laugh
I’m just here to have a laugh”
This reminds me so much of a certain famous moment in Rick and Morty when Morty exclaims to summer the meaninglessness of everything and gives his solution in the form of “come watch T.V.”

So instead I’ll say, life is meaningless, go listen to Dumaresq.

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