TOTD: Plushgun “Lukewarm”

Plushgun is back! After stepping away from music for far too long (or at least not making any new albums), they are bursting back on the scene with Just Impolite 2! No, I’m kidding. As I’ve matured as a person, so has Plushgun’s sound. Pins and Panzers was an album that definitely wore thin due to it being overplayed, but I think I may be even more excited about their new direction.

Plushgun’s new song, Lukewarm, tells a story that everyone is familiar with: unreciprocated love. Not necessarily being completely relegated to the friend zone, but you fell a lot faster than the other person.

With eloquent violins and a plucking banjo pulling together what would otherwise be a rather repetitive guitar line, the key to the song is the way that Dan Ingala’s  voice blends so well with the female vocalist (I tried to find her name everywhere) as you can feel the distance between them grow throughout the song.

And so, I think you should know,
I’m kind of a mess but I figured you’d guess
You say embrace the things that make you most scared,
Well I’m wingless and weightless and stuck in the air

Wait, maybe hesitate,
Don’t rush the choice that determines our fate
You say embrace the things that make you most scared,
If there’s no you to lose, I’ve got nothing to fear

You say it’s lukewarm,
I’m standing in fire

A verse formed on that feeling that everyone gets when jumping into a relationship is immediately followed up by doubts from the other party. (It’s important to note that if you’re following this theory I have, you have to prescribe to the idea that she is responding with the line, “If there’s no you to lose, I’ve got nothing to fear.”)We all know at that point it’s unfortunately too late to do anything about it. There are unfortunately no tethers when it comes to love. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Don’t pretend you’re too tough to feel things, you robot.

Draw your own conclusions about the song, and let me know what you think. Any way you cut it, it’s an incredible song; especially considering the same band made the soundtrack to my raucous late teens/early 20’s…okay…they weren’t raucous, but my affinity for Plushgun’s previous albums remains the same. Lukewarm is just proof that they’ve been stalking me my whole life and figuring out what I’m listening to at that time because this is straight in the vein of my current playlists.




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