Episode 9: Frustration

Episode 9 Posted:





Show Notes:

Show Notes:Intro: Alpine Blizzard – Lotus

Cassino- The Gin War


Miwi La Lupa – Cold Moon

Barton Caroll – Those Days Are Gone, And My Heart is Breaking

Emperor X – Erica Western Teleport

Listener Submission:  New Age Disco Boys – Up The Wall FM

*Note, on the show we accidentally said “Kontakt New Age Disco Boys”, that was due to the email being from their contact page, and me being a stupid american and not realizing that*


-The song is going to be released as a single march 23rd, on spotify, itunes and other digital platforms, and is a part of our debut-album with the title “Smile for the camera”. Its a concept album where you follow one mans decent into madness.

The band is a five man group, four from Norway, one from Iceland.

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