Video of the Day: The Rebels of Tijuana “Et le blizzard s’estompe”

Sunday Scaries in full effect for you yet? I have just the thing to chill you out. Take a 8 minute journey into the past with this amazing video from The Rebels of Tijuana. It is everything I love about music. It has these excellent visuals of a recording studio that is using all analog production techniques. It has great instrumentation that gives each musician his space to jam out. It has just enough lyrics (that I don’t understand, though I did hear the word cigarette), to keep you engaged in the sultry Jim Morrison style voice. It has drinking, and bandmates chumming about. It has interspersed nature shots. You’re really missing out if you don’t take the time to watch the whole thing. I guarantee you’ll find yourself tapping your foot.

Image result for the rebels of tijuana

Don’t forget to check out more from them, as this just a single off an upcoming September album, “Aisle”, a double album recorded on analog tape. If you’re like me and you often miss the grainy sound that we used to get out of old 60s and 70s records, this is the band for you.


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Also, don’t forget to listen to the thing we do best, the podcast. We just released a new episode last week on Bad Luck.


TOTD: Matthew And The Arrogant Sea “Little Things”

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea has been a regularly revolving band on my playlists ever since Spotify started doing their “Discover Weekly” playlists. Mock Origami thrust me into the world of Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, and I’ve been sporadically listening to their tight harmonies and quirky instrumentation for a while now. Little Things is different. Little Things is what maturation looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to Family Family Family Meets the Magic Christian, but it’s usually for a sense of nostalgia. Their album that came out last year, The Glooms Pt. 1, is exactly what I’m looking for in this moment though. With guitar that could be in any surfer rock song, vocals that play with being intentionally off key but having the control to pull it back at the perfect moment, and percussion that doesn’t overstep and holds everything together, this song has hit for me in all the right places.


I know I’m supposed to talk about a specific track on the TOTD, but I also want to touch on the album as a whole. It is incredible! Do yourself a favor and listen to it all. Ranging from really fluid dream pop sounds to vintage Decemberists, there really is something for everyone.

Mid Day Music Blast – Wit Blu “Burgundy”


Enjoy this great Trip-Hop tune from Wit Blu. It mixes some really trippy instrumentals with a hook that suggests to live it up before you die, to make sure you brush things off your shoulders, and to make this is the best time it can be.

Wit Blu is the alias of singer songwriter Whitney Carr. After moving to LA from Denver in 2016, Wit jumped into the studio and soon began cranking out a number of unique singles. With her stylish brand of jazzy slacker pop, Wit’s recent work has landed on Spotify Fresh Finds, Hype Machine, and many blogs.

In her newest quirky dance floor bop “Burgundy”, Wit Blu channels her low key idgaf chakra. “Bury me in burgundy, keep my eyes wide open. Throw my ashes in the sea, either way I’m floating”. The tune is tune is a no guilt dance tune about living a no guilt life.

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Morning Commute: The Prussians “Karma”

For your morning commute on this beautiful (at least here) Sunday morning is from your bed to your favorite brunch spot, but we’ve got you covered either way.

Hailing from the small island of Mallorca, off of the coast of Spain, this 5 piece indie rock group is making the kind of music that deserves to be heard on a global scale. I don’t know what the music scene is like on the island, but The Prussians have not only made the Morning Commute today, but have already infiltrated multiple personal playlists.


I hate that we came across this song immediately after the Bad Luck episode of the podcast because as you may have guessed from the title, this song is all about whether Karma is real or not.

Do you believe in karma instantly?
Then why are your actions so boring?

A question that we ask ourselves here at B-Side Guys all the time is essentially that same question. Do you believe that actions you take change future events? Obviously if you make the action today to not fill up a tire that’s low, it can lead to a flat tire, but if I pass a homeless man on the side of the road and do nothing to help, is that the cause for the flat tire? In short, I would lean towards a resounding no. That begs the question, “Why are you making such safe choices in your day to day life then?”

With heady vocals that fall in line with Arctic Monkeys, the opening verse is about as close to perfect as it gets. Starting with vocals and snaps, every measure adds something new until “3,2,1,” and then the song really starts.

If you find yourself with extra time on the commute, watch their music video for Soul too. Only if your commute is by public transportation, carpool, walking, or anything where you aren’t behind the wheel. Watch responsibly.

Also, side note to the band if you’re reading this, let us know about the music scene on the island. We would love to find out more.