Track of the Day: Merrick Winter – “Try Me”

Merrick Winter’s “Try Me” transcends the boundaries of a conventional song, evolving into a profound narrative that reflects the disturbing frequency of school shootings in America. The track encapsulates a deep personal connection to the tragedy, amplified by Winter’s experience with a similar incident in his hometown. This connection infuses the song with a palpable emotional intensity, making it not just a musical piece but a heartfelt commentary on a societal plague. Winter’s approach is notably devoid of overt political statements. Instead, he opts for a more empathetic exploration, focusing on the underlying human factors such as mental health issues, societal inequalities, and the crisis of masculinity.

The song’s rawness and authenticity are enhanced by Winter’s collaboration with Matt Zara and AK Patterson. The live recording approach, chosen over a polished studio production, captures the unrefined emotion and the intimate atmosphere of the performance. This methodological choice speaks to Winter’s commitment to authenticity in his artistic expression. The use of minimal microphones, supplemented by subtle fiddle and bass overdubs, enhances the track’s organic feel. The live take, with its inherent imperfections, becomes the backbone of the production, emphasizing the song’s inherent weariness and contemplative nature.

Furthermore, “Try Me” is emblematic of Winter’s artistic philosophy, which values the raw, unvarnished truth of live performance over meticulously produced studio tracks. This philosophy extends to his recent works, indicating a consistent pursuit of authenticity and emotional honesty in his music. The song stands as a somber, evocative piece that challenges listeners to engage with the issue on a deeper, more human level. It’s a call for empathy and understanding in a landscape often clouded by judgment and political rhetoric.

In essence, “Try Me” is not just a song but a reflective mirror held up to society, urging a reconsideration of how we, as a community, address and process such deep-seated issues. Merrick Winter, with his poignant lyrics and earnest delivery, offers more than just a musical experience; he presents a narrative that demands attention and introspection, making “Try Me” a significant contribution both to his artistic repertoire and to the broader discourse on societal challenges.

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