Track of the Day: Andrew Lovice – “Feel Alright” – Front Porch Sessions

“Feel Alright” from Andrew Lovice’s Front Porch Sessions is a heartwarming embrace of Americana and Acoustic Folk, capturing the serene beauty and soulful reflections inspired by the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains. This track, Lovice’s first home-recorded offering, successfully translates the tranquility and introspective charm of its birthplace—a front porch with a panoramic view of nature’s grandeur.

The song begins with the gentle strumming of a guitar, reminiscent of the simplistic yet profound beauty of mountain life. Lovice’s voice, earthy and rich, weaves through the melody with a comforting ease, like a familiar story told by an old friend under the starlit sky. The lyrics, “Feel Alright,” resonate as a mantra, an affirmation of finding peace and contentment in life’s simpler moments.

The song’s structure is uncomplicated, yet deeply evocative—reflecting the unadorned beauty of the mountains that inspired it. Lovice’s use of traditional folk instrumentation, coupled with his modern lyrical sensibility, creates a unique sound he aptly describes as “y’allternative,” a delightful fusion of old twang and modern elements. This blend mirrors his love for diverse genres and his skill in crafting a sound that is both fresh and familiar.

A standout feature of “Feel Alright” is its ability to transport listeners to Lovice’s front porch, offering a sensory experience of the East Coast mountains. The song is imbued with the essence of nature—the rustling leaves, the distant mountains, and the flowing rivers—all of which are integral to Lovice’s songwriting process. This connection to nature is palpable, providing listeners with a sense of the peace and clarity that Lovice experiences in the backcountry.

“Feel Alright” is more than just a song; it’s an invitation to escape into the embrace of nature and to find solace in its unassuming beauty. It’s a fitting addition to acoustic or nature-inspired playlists, offering a gentle reminder of the healing power of the natural world. Andrew Lovice, with this track, proves that sometimes the most profound musical experiences stem from the simplest of settings and feelings. For those seeking a slice of East Coast mountain air and a moment of serene reflection, “Feel Alright” is a perfect companion.

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