Video of the Day: Slow Leaves – “Jenny”

It’s not uncommon for music to dive deep into the nuances of human emotion, but Grant Davidson, or Slow Leaves as he’s artistically known, takes it to another level with his track “Jenny”. Davidson’s latest offering treads the fragile line between memory and fantasy, exploring the often rose-tinted recollections of an early crush and the subsequent longings of “what if”. The accompanying music video brings this deeply personal introspection to the fore while also showcasing Davidson’s innate ability to infuse a touch of levity into profound themes.

The music video for “Jenny” teems with playful visuals that blend the rustic charm of folk aesthetics with the modernist streak of indie innovation, through the construct of an 80s-style video dating profile. This perfectly mirrors the nostalgic cadence of the song, where reminiscent tones of Bonnie Prince Billy and Nick Drake are infused with the fresh vibrancy reminiscent of contemporary artists like Weyes Blood.

While the lyrics contemplate a love that was never truly realized, the video paints a portrait of Davidson’s alter-ego navigating a world where memory and reality blur. Lyrically, the mention of hearing a band on the radio or discussing the weather is juxtaposed against vibrant daydream sequences where Davidson visualizes “a mansion gleaming on the hillside” with “Jenny inside”. It’s a creative representation of the internal emotional battle, showcasing the dichotomy of cherishing memories while understanding they might not always be grounded in reality.

Davidson’s endearing vulnerability shines through, both in his heartfelt vocals and his on-screen presence. The casual, almost documentary style of the video, combined with some purposefully exaggerated set pieces, reinforces the song’s theme of memories being distorted over time. The video is an ode to the mind’s penchant for exaggeration, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

For fans of Slow Leaves’ previous work, the “Jenny” video offers a fresh perspective. While his music has always been characterized by its introspection and poetic prowess, this video reminds us that Davidson possesses a lighter side. It’s an affirmation of the artist’s commitment to exploring diverse emotional landscapes while still offering listeners (and viewers) a sense of connectivity and relatability.

In conclusion, Slow Leaves’ music video for “Jenny” is an engaging visual treat that complements the song’s introspective nature. It’s a journey into the realm of romantic memories, offering viewers a chance to reflect on their own past loves while also relishing in the playful whimsy that Davidson so effortlessly delivers.

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