Video of the Day: Blueburst – “Kick My Tires”

Craig Douglas Miller’s musical odyssey as Blueburst is a poignant testament to the art of second chances, and “Kick My Tires” stands as a powerful anthem within that narrative. It’s an epic endeavor, both in sound and in the heart it bares. The song’s lyric video offers an immersive dive into Miller’s introspection, complemented by the lush and evocative soundscapes that are so distinctly Blueburst.

As the lyrics dance on screen, the viewer is immediately caught in a whirlwind of internal conflict and self-doubt. “Too many voices go racing around in my head,” a line that not only offers a vivid peek into Miller’s state of mind, but also perhaps a sentiment shared by many in our increasingly digitized age. The repetitive chorus, “Kick my tires, Uncross my wires,” is a powerful plea for clarity and autonomy amidst external judgments and personal insecurities. In a society that often feels like it’s on constant trial by social metrics, the lines “I can’t claim significance when I don’t even control my next move” and “What’s the point of anything if you need someone else to approve” resonate deeply.

But the true showstopper in this musical narrative is Marty Willson-Piper’s guitar solo. Aptly described as a “string destroyer,” it gives the song an audacious momentum, embodying the pent-up emotions Miller articulates. It’s a beautiful clash of fierce guitar work meeting introspective lyricism, creating a synergy reminiscent of the golden age of ’80s alternative and post-punk, yet still feeling incredibly current.

The lyric video for “Kick My Tires” does more than just display words on a screen; it serves as a visual reflection of Miller’s journey, embodying the rawness, vulnerability, and determination that define Blueburst. Through this track and its accompanying visual, Blueburst reminds us of the importance of self-authenticity, the courage to confront our insecurities, and the power of music to articulate the complexities of the human spirit. It’s a song and video that demands multiple viewings and listenings, each time uncovering a new layer of emotional depth and sonic brilliance.

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