Track of the Day: A Very Special Episode – “Petals”

Brooklyn’s noise rock maestros, A Very Special Episode (AVSE), deliver an electrifying sonic experience with their latest track “Petals.” Positioned as the climactic conclusion to their sophomore LP, Freak Me Out, this song is a cacophonous exploration of human sentiment, wrapped in layers of shoegazing soundscapes and lo-fi rock undertones.

From the outset, the song displays a distinct tension between aggression and contemplation. The lyrics weave a tapestry of existential musings, characterized by moments of impatience (“Tired of waiting / Hesitating / Need sedating”) and introspection (“My spirit / My body / Are fighting inside me”). These reflections seem to oscillate between a yearning for resolution and a defiant embrace of the present moment, underscored by the repeated refrain: “You don’t wanna wait for it, you don’t wanna wait.”

Musically, “Petals” showcases AVSE’s prowess in blending the hypnotic, ethereal qualities of classic shoegaze with the raw, visceral energy of alternative rock. This sonic marriage is perhaps most evident in the track’s bridge, where the dreamy, introspective verses give way to a more confrontational and abrasive chorus: “You’re gonna read invisible words / You’re gonna hear deafening sounds.” Here, the band taps into a darker, more experimental mood, reminiscent of their peers like The Royal They and Softcult, crafting an atmosphere that’s both harrowing and entrancing.

The accompanying “Skinamarink-inspired” music video for “Petals” injects another layer of intrigue, with its spooky visuals adding a sense of eeriness that parallels the song’s aggressive and experimental vibes.

Contextualizing “Petals” within AVSE’s broader oeuvre reveals a band unafraid to evolve. Their debut, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, introduced us to a group rooted in raw energy and a Lynchian atmosphere. Yet, with Freak Me Out, and particularly with “Petals,” AVSE embarks on a bolder journey, pushing their signature sound to its most daring edges, while embracing more mainstream melodies and structures, as evidenced in tracks like “Deep in the Weeds”.

The democratic songwriting process of AVSE shines through in the rich texture and depth of “Petals.” The collective minds of Kasey Heisler, Patrick Porter, and Chayse Schutter have birthed a track that’s both a testament to their individual talents and a reflection of their harmonious synergy.

To sum it up, “Petals” is a noisy rollercoaster of emotion and sound that captures the essence of A Very Special Episode’s transformative evolution. It stands as a testament to the band’s capability to craft music that is both profoundly introspective and audaciously bold. Dive into the immersive world of AVSE with “Petals,” and prepare to be moved, challenged, and utterly spellbound.

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