Song Review: Who Saved Who – “Weight of Everything”

Cleveland, OH’s very own Who Saved Who (WSW) returns with a resonant and introspective track, “Weight of Everything,” showcasing their intricate balance of emotion and energy that has become their signature style.

From the opening chords, it’s evident that the band’s hiatus has culminated in an evolved sonic landscape. The track, tinged with the melancholy of grief and loss, doesn’t wallow in its sorrows. Instead, it soars, reflecting a maturity in their songwriting. The weighty theme of the song becomes both a burden and a catharsis, where the heavy heart seeks solace in the energetic crescendos of the instruments.

This is indie-rock with a clear emotional directive. WSW has always exhibited an eclectic range in their music, from the pop-sensibilities of “Crying in the Tub” to the gritty allure of “Everything Changes.” “Weight of Everything” seems to encompass all these facets, resonating with the sadness in its lyrics while manifesting the raw energy of alternative rock in its arrangement.

Sean McAfee’s voice, a distinct pillar in WSW’s soundscape, channels the vulnerability and reflection seamlessly. The guitar riffs, courtesy of McAfee and Luke Patterson, are beautifully juxtaposed against the rhythmic foundation set by Aidan Forray on drums and Cían Líaskos’s evocative basslines. There’s a synergy in their performance, each member understanding and complimenting the song’s emotional undertones.

But it’s not just the music that impresses; the ethos behind it adds another layer. Their debut album, “Sharing the Daytime Moon,” was a nuanced exploration of communal experiences. The band crafted a sonic tale of the collective commute, the shared drudgery, and the subtle moments of unity under the watchful gaze of the daytime moon. In a way, “Weight of Everything” continues this narrative. Grief, after all, is a universal experience, and the track invites listeners to find solace in this shared human condition.

In essence, Who Saved Who’s “Weight of Everything” is not merely a song; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s resilience, the capacity to find strength in shared experiences, and the undeniable fact that even in the weightiest of times, music offers an avenue for release. If this track is any indication of what’s to come, WSW’s future endeavors promise to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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