Track of the Day: Elephant Path – “Sun Will Rise”

Amidst the flood of musical expression that’s been released in recent years, Elephant Path’s “Sun Will Rise” stands out not only for its musical prowess but also for its introspective depth. As part of his new EP ‘Keep Walking’, the song is a testament to the California native’s range and versatility, blending blues-infused rock & roll with rich acoustics, echoing his past influences and teases of future directions.

From the very first listen, it’s apparent that “Sun Will Rise” is an exploration of resilience, introspection, and the inexorable march of time. Drawing from the folk genre, Elephant Path paints a serene, chilled mood – yet behind the laid-back atmosphere is a whirlpool of emotions and contemplation.

The lyrics, deceptively simple, resonate deeply with anyone who has faced the ebb and flow of life’s challenges. “You can’t hide from what you make” sets a tone of acceptance and accountability, while lines like “We all try to make it, but sometimes late” tap into universal feelings of trying, sometimes failing, yet persisting. The repetition of “Sun will rise, Sun will set, hasn’t stopped me yet” serves as a mantra, a reminder of the endless cycle of life and the spirit to keep moving forward despite the challenges.

Drawing from his journey from Kentucky to Utah, Elephant Path embodies the spirit of a traveler, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. His formative years, marked by local successes in Louisville, notably the recognition from WFPK and the performances at the Mercury Ballroom and Brouhaha, have given the artist a unique blend of grassroots sensibilities and an expansive vision. This duality is evident in “Sun Will Rise”, where the folksy undertones are layered with contemporary musical nuances, making it a track that feels both timeless and contemporary.

The song’s arrangement is delicately balanced. There’s a hint of the bluesy rock & roll in the track’s backbone, but the dominating acoustic sounds soothe the listener, allowing them to sink into the lyrics’ depths. It’s this balance that makes “Sun Will Rise” so intriguing – a song you could play at a quiet evening by the fireplace, or introspectively on a long drive.

Elephant Path’s solo journey has led him to craft a world where his musical incarnation thrives. “Sun Will Rise” feels like a page from his personal diary, a reflection on life’s relentless cycle and our place within it. As he continues to churn out music at a rapid pace from his home studio in Salt Lake City, this song serves as a testament to his evolution as an artist, seamlessly melding his past influences from Kentucky with his contemporary insights.

To sum it up, “Sun Will Rise” is a gentle reminder of life’s constant flux, an ode to perseverance, and an insight into Elephant Path’s evolving artistry. It’s a track that beckons listeners to reflect, reassess, and recognize the undying spirit within, even when faced with life’s most challenging moments. An evocative piece, it lingers in the mind and heart, urging us to remember that no matter the trials, the sun will rise, and so must we.

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