Ten Tune Tuesday: Loverman, Amor Experientia, Illinois Joy, Mister Motivation, ttypes, Kolo, Sonoa, YUNGMORPHEUS, Bobby JaGGerJacK, Specific Coast

Welcome to Ten Tune Tuesday, the weekly feature where we bring you an exciting selection of fresh tracks from a diverse range of talented artists. We’ve handpicked ten tunes that have caught our attention, showcasing an array of genres and styles that are sure to satisfy your musical cravings. From up-and-coming indie bands to seasoned solo artists, Ten Tune Tuesday has something for everyone. So sit back, grab your headphones, and get ready to discover your next favorite song!

Loverman – “Cast No Shadow”

Loverman’s latest single, “Cast No Shadow,” is a haunting, dreamy post-punk number that beautifully captures a sense of longing and the uncertainty of love in the face of fame. Channeling the spirits of Joy Division, Nick Cave, and The Walkmen, Sasha Papadin’s vocals glide effortlessly over the driving beat and ethereal synths, immersing listeners in a world of poetic vulnerability. The song, inspired by David Lynch’s noir film ‘Lost Highway,’ explores themes of mortality and romance, as it tells the story of a person scared to lose their lover to fame or another world.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of love and desire, with lines such as “You belong on a stage, you belong on a screen / You belong with me, in a canyon of dreams” and “If you love me and you need me, let it show / Before I go, before I cast no shadow.” The sense of urgency and fragility in these lyrics evokes the protagonist’s fear of losing their lover as they ascend to stardom. The chorus, with its repetition of “If you love and you need me, let it show / Before you know, I will cast no shadow,” serves as a plea for reassurance and commitment in the face of an uncertain future.

Recorded at the legendary 4AD studios in London and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, “Cast No Shadow” boasts a rich, nostalgic sonic palette that pays homage to the British new wave scene of the ’80s and ’90s. With its captivating blend of raw emotion, atmospheric production, and poignant storytelling, this single is a testament to Loverman’s talent as a songwriter and producer. As we eagerly await the release of the upcoming EP in late 2023, “Cast No Shadow” stands as a hauntingly beautiful anthem that resonates with the complexities of love, loss, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

Amor Experientia – “Moonlight”

Amor Experientia’s “Moonlight” is a thrilling, genre-defying journey that perfectly encapsulates the balance between genres that the artist seeks to achieve. Seamlessly blending elements of slow burn ballads, synthwave dance beats, and a grand orchestral outro, the track is a testament to Amor Experientia’s bold experimentation and willingness to push boundaries. Fans of Tyler the Creator, Smerz, and Tirzah will find themselves captivated by the track’s unexpected twists and turns, while its gothic and dark wave influences lend an energetic and experimental edge.

The song’s structure is a true rollercoaster ride, with the first 55 seconds dedicated to a slowly paced introduction that builds tension and anticipation. As the listener is drawn into the moody atmosphere, the drop at 0:55 marks a dramatic shift into a pulsating synthwave section that is both exhilarating and infectious. This transition from a slow burn ballad to an energetic dance beat showcases Amor Experientia’s ability to create a cohesive, genre-bending experience that defies expectations.

“Moonlight” stands out as an exciting, dynamic track that highlights Amor Experientia’s versatility and adventurous spirit. With its unpredictable structure and masterful blend of genres, the song is an enthralling testament to the artist’s innovative approach to music-making.

Illinois Joy – “Yours To Lose”

Illinois Joy’s “Yours To Lose” is an enchanting indie folk-pop track that pays homage to the iconic character Charlie Bucket from the 1971 film, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Through its captivating lyrics and uplifting arrangement, the song explores the theme of seizing opportunities and living life to the fullest. The track begins with two simple notes that set the stage for a powerful celebration that culminates in a thrilling ending, a testament to the transformative power of taking chances and embracing the unknown.

The lyrics draw inspiration from the film’s protagonist and his journey from humble beginnings to sudden success. Lines such as “Hold on, change is coming soon / Only when you least expect it to” and “The game was only meant to entertain / Or is there more than meets the eye” allude to the mysterious and magical world that Charlie enters upon finding the golden ticket. The chorus, with its refrain “When they turn their gold to greed it’s yours to lose,” serves as a cautionary reminder that one’s fortunes can change in an instant, and that it is crucial to make the most of the opportunities life presents.

Musically, “Yours To Lose” showcases Illinois Joy’s mastery of indie folk and pop sensibilities. The song’s arrangement gradually builds from a simple, gentle opening to an exuberant, celebratory conclusion. This progression mirrors the transformative journey that the lyrics describe, as the listener is swept along on an emotional and musical voyage that culminates in an unforgettable finale. With its enchanting storytelling and infectious melody, “Yours To Lose” from Illinois Joy’s self-titled EP is a triumphant ode to the power of dreams and the importance of seizing the moment.

Mister Motivation – “Acting Different”

“Acting Different” by Mister Motivation is an energetic and empowering hip-hop track that showcases the artist’s unique blend of motivational messaging and storytelling. As an Army veteran and EDU-tainer, Mister Motivation’s mission is to educate, empower, and equip people with strategies for personal growth and overcoming setbacks. This song delivers that message with unapologetic vigor and a relentless drive to succeed.

The lyrics in “Acting Different” demonstrate the power of self-belief and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. Lines like “I done came from the lowest lows / Still walk with my head high” and “All my life, all my life / All my life I been through it / Made it out and I’m gettin to it / Can’t tell me I didn’t do it” emphasize the artist’s journey from humble beginnings to personal triumph. Mister Motivation’s message of overcoming obstacles and embracing one’s full potential is further exemplified in lyrics like “Your plan will never work / If you don’t put enough action in / Better find your purpose / Success don’t happen on accident.”

The track’s driving beat and catchy hooks serve to amplify the message of determination and resilience. The chorus, with its repetition of “Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah,” reinforces the notion of moving forward and not letting anything hold you back. As the song progresses, Mister Motivation encourages listeners to face their demons, cut off toxic influences, and rise above negativity: “How to get rid of my demons / Had to get em’ out of my life, I know / Cut off the stakes / Get myself out of a vulnerable state.”

“Acting Different” is a testament to Mister Motivation’s commitment to using music as a vehicle for personal growth and positive change. Its infectious energy, inspiring lyrics, and unyielding determination make it a powerful anthem for anyone seeking motivation to overcome life’s challenges and achieve their dreams.

ttypes – “73 78 Honey”

In “73 78 Honey,” ttypes, the solo project of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based songwriter Tim Krauss, takes on the ambitious task of reworking Beck’s remix of Philip Glass’s “NYC 73 78.” The result is an enchanting and experimental piece that blurs the lines between genres while paying homage to the original works. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ursula K. LeGuin and occasionally dabbling in political themes, ttypes’ music is as diverse as it is thought-provoking. In this track, Krauss showcases his ability to seamlessly blend ambient instrumental, piano pop, rock, and electronic pop into a singular, captivating experience.

“73 78 Honey” takes listeners on a sonic journey through a richly textured soundscape, with linear songwriting and experimental layering that creates an otherworldly atmosphere. The lyrics, which lean towards prose poetry, add a literary depth to the track and invite listeners to delve deeper into the complex layers of meaning. The song gradually builds up to a dreamy, ethereal ending that feels like a culmination of the diverse elements Krauss has masterfully woven together.

As a rework of a remix, “73 78 Honey” stands as a testament to ttypes’ ability to reimagine and reinterpret the work of other artists while still maintaining a distinctive voice. The track is a mesmerizing example of Krauss’s eclectic style and a powerful reminder of the endless possibilities that exist when artists push the boundaries of genre and convention. It’s a daring, experimental piece that showcases ttypes’ talent for creating immersive sonic worlds and leaves listeners eager to hear what he’ll come up with next.

Kolo – “They Know Us”

Kolo, the 28-year-old Nigerian-American wordsmith, has taken the internet by storm with his latest track, “They Know Us.” After a snippet of the song went viral on TikTok, amassing over 2 million views, Kolo solidifies his status as an artist to watch. With a debut album and multiple EPs already under his belt, he continues to showcase his versatility and commanding presence.

“They Know Us” is an impressive display of Kolo’s lyrical prowess, as he effortlessly weaves together clever wordplay and vivid imagery. He touches on various themes, from his rise to fame and the perils that come with it to his determination to stay true to himself. Lines like “God is with me so I’ll probably take my chances with fate / Sky’s the limits cause of what I do with vinyl from crates” showcase his ambition and dedication to his craft. The track also addresses the music industry’s pitfalls, with Kolo’s confident delivery making it clear that he is unfazed by the challenges that come his way.

Kolo’s infectious confidence is evident throughout “They Know Us,” serving as a testament to his self-belief and resilience. As he raps, “I’m the one they was waiting on the wait is over / I’ve arrived and I don’t need to say I’m taking over,” it’s clear that Kolo is ready to make his mark on the industry. With an unapologetic attitude and a gift for storytelling, Kolo is well on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Sonoa – “Haze”

Sonoa’s “Haze” is a soothing, introspective indie rock ballad that grapples with the struggle of being present in the current moment. The song’s meditative lyrics and melodic riffs provide a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its twinkly soundscape and smooth delivery create an atmosphere of calm introspection, making it the perfect soundtrack for anyone feeling lost or misunderstood.

The lyrics delve into the human tendency to dwell on alternate realities and the longing for something better. Lines like “This didn’t happen the way I wanted and / I like to picture the way it could have been” and “Thinking that I should be somewhere better than where I am” highlight the protagonist’s struggle with dissatisfaction and the ever-present allure of the “what ifs” in life. This introspection further deepens when the lyrics mention, “And I keep spacing out on you when you are talking / And I know you hate it when I ask you what you said / And I’m trying to be present / But these pathways are well-traveled.”

Sonoa’s “Haze” is a poignant reminder of the importance of mindfulness and living in the moment. The track’s introspective lyrics and the band’s meditative sound make it a thoughtful exploration of the human condition. In their attempts to extend their branches to the listeners, Sonoa succeeds in creating a comforting sonic space for those feeling adrift, urging them to find solace in the present rather than an elusive, imagined future.

YUNGMORPHEUS – “Where It Goes feat. Jimetta Rose”

In his recent album “From Whence It Came,” YUNGMORPHEUS showcases a tantalizing taste of his lyrical prowess and atmospheric beats in the track “Where It Goes,” featuring the ethereal vocals of LA’s Jimetta Rose. The track is a testament to the Florida-born, LA-based rapper’s laid-back storytelling style, imbued with his signature nonchalance and casual swagger.

“Where It Goes,” produced by Dirty Art Club, weaves a jazz-tinged, airy soundscape that perfectly complements MORPH’s musings and Rose’s celestial vocal contribution. The song capitalizes on the conscious hip-hop genre’s propensity for reflective lyricism and thought-provoking narratives. MORPH’s unassuming flow dances over a wide spectrum of rhythms, from the laid-back vibes of West Coast G-funk to the frantic pace of drum-n-bass beats and soul samples, affirming his versatility as an artist and lyricist.

Fans of conscious hip-hop stalwarts such as Armand Hammer, lojii, Pink Siifu, Navy Blue, and MIKE will appreciate YUNGMORPHEUS’ masterful blend of introspective rhymes and laid-back beats. His approach to production remains quintessentially his own, not veering away from his authentic style but rather enriching it with each new musical venture. With “From Whence It Came” already out, listeners are treated to the inventive and immersive soundscape YUNGMORPHEUS has to offer. Alongside his album release, his co-headlining tour with frequent collaborator Fly Anakin marks an exciting milestone in YUNGMORPHEUS’ steadily ascending career.

Bobby JaGGerJacK – “Broke as Fuck”

Bobby JaGGerJacK’s “Broke as Fuck” is a potent testament to his artistic ethos. Inspired by J. Cole’s call for authenticity in the rap scene, the Cleveland-born artist crafts a raw, unflinching narrative of struggle, infused with an introspective gaze on his own life. The track’s sobering honesty resonates, as Bobby delves into the stark realities of economic hardship, the temptations of illegal avenues, and the resolve to carve a different path. His lyric, “Now when I tell you that I’m broke as fuck, / I’m only talking about my pockets,” sets the tone for a track that explores financial destitution but, more importantly, a steadfast refusal to let that define him.

On this track, Bobby showcases his ability to weave intricate narratives that offer a glimpse into his personal experiences and worldview. His lyrics carry an autobiographical weight, as he confronts societal pressures and personal battles with a poetic grace. Lines such as “And I ain’t one to judge if you want to be a statistic / But I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that,” and “My pockets empty, my heart hollow, I got lost but y’all followed,” bear a testament to his determination to navigate life on his own terms, rejecting societal norms, and ultimately finding his own voice amidst the noise.

“Broke as Fuck” is a raw, visceral exploration of the human condition within the context of economic struggle, but Bobby JaGGerJacK’s lyrical prowess extends beyond his personal narrative, elevating his work into a universal anthem of resilience. His authenticity shines through his lyrics, affirming his status as an artist unafraid to confront life’s harsh realities head-on. The track ultimately serves as a testament to Bobby JaGGerJacK’s versatility and unique voice in the hip-hop scene. His narrative-driven, honest approach to songwriting makes “Broke as Fuck” a track that resonates on a deeply personal level while also speaking to the universal human experience.

Specific Coast – “All In”

“All In” by Specific Coast is an intimate and introspective track that beautifully encapsulates the tumultuous essence of life and the solace found in unity. Matt Dunne, the voice behind Specific Coast, employs his seasoned experience in the music industry to craft a song that is both personal and universally relatable. The track, rooted in the indie-folk tradition of storytelling, resonates with a quiet strength, an ode to enduring life’s storms together with a loved one.

The track is reminiscent of the work of Noah Kahan and The Lumineers, with its earnest lyrics and an understated yet powerful sonic landscape. Dunne’s songwriting shines through, creating a comforting narrative that acknowledges the challenges of life while offering a promise of unwavering support. The line, “acknowledging that life isn’t always easy while letting your partner know that you can weather the storm together,” encapsulates the heart of the song, a testament to shared strength and enduring love.

“All In” is a testament to Dunne’s multifaceted talent, reflecting his rich experience in different sectors of the music industry. As a veteran in the field, Dunne not only brings his songwriting prowess to the table but also his knack for fostering a supportive community of artists. Specific Coast, born from a series of backyard concerts and networking events, is more than just a musical project. It’s a testament to Dunne’s commitment to fostering a collaborative, supportive space for fellow artists. “All In” is not just a song—it’s an encapsulation of this spirit, a heartfelt anthem resonating with both personal and communal resilience.

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