Fresh Tracks Friday – Lance Tingey, Megafauna, The Twin Doors, Soft Loft, Estella Dawn, Are We Hunting

It’s my favorite time of the week, New Release Friday! Enjoy these fresh tunes from artists we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard of before, but you definitely should.

Lance Tingey – “Rough Patch”

Utah-based pop singer-songwriter Lance Tingey offers a heartfelt, introspective exploration of religious doubt with his latest single “Rough Patch.” Tingey’s background as a Mormon is the foundation of the song’s emotional depth, with lyrics that tackle the daunting task of leaving behind one’s faith. The track resonates with anyone who has experienced the internal conflict of questioning their religious beliefs and coming to terms with the consequences of leaving. Tingey’s honest and raw vocal delivery is a standout feature, with his soulful tone driving home the song’s message. The stripped-down instrumentation allows for the focus to remain on the poignant lyrics and Tingey’s impressive vocals.

Produced by Mike McClellan, “Rough Patch” showcases Tingey’s talent as a composer and lyricist, with the song offering an intimate look into his personal journey. The track’s similarity to the sound of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Jon Bellion, and Ben Rector is evident, with Tingey carving out his own space in the crowded pop scene with his distinct brand of vulnerable and honest songwriting. As an independent artist with over a million streams, Tingey’s marketing expertise shines through with his strategic approach to growing his fanbase and achieving success in the music industry, which you can read more about here.

Lance Tingey’s “Rough Patch” is a poignant and introspective track that highlights the artist’s raw vocal talent and ability to craft deeply personal and relatable lyrics. With his expertise in music marketing and his dedication to helping others achieve success in the industry, Tingey is a rising star to watch out for. His unique blend of heartfelt storytelling and catchy pop sensibilities make for a compelling listening experience that is sure to resonate with fans of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and beyond.

Megafauna – “Bi Postal”

Megafauna’s latest song, “Bi Postal,” is a genre-bending journey that showcases the band’s expansive musical palette. Produced by Charles Godfrey, known for his work with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Swans, the album features">MegaFaunaMegafauna’s signature rock sound alongside moments of psychedelic bossa nova and indie math rock. The band fearlessly explores various corners of heavy, progressive, and alternative rock, showcasing their diverse sonic range.

One theme that winds its way throughout the new album, Olympico is women grappling with the patriarchy, as seen in songs like “Dozer,” “Bi Postal,” and “Rage of the Queen.” Neff’s haunting vocals and guitar wizardry are on full display, and the rest of the band brings a precision and edge to each track.

As their name suggests, Megafauna creates massive, heavy, and momentous musical moments, but with a beautiful and melodic touch. Their sound is reminiscent of Rush and The Mars Volta, but they also draw inspiration from avant-indie instigators Radiohead and contemporary shredders like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Mastodon. With “Bi Postal,” Megafauna has cemented their place as genre-bending rock pioneers who fearlessly break the neurotypical patterns of heavy rock.

Megafauna has been cutting their chops across US and European stages, and their performance at Levitation Festival was a highlight of the event. They have shared the stage with bands like Cursive and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, showcasing their ability to captivate audiences with their unique sound. Olympico is sure to be an energetic and diverse record that adds to the Megafauna canon and solidifies their place as one of the most exciting rock bands to watch.

The Twin Doors – “The Hero & The Villain”

The Twin Doors’ latest offering, “The Hero & The Villain,” is a compelling departure from the traditional song structure, as it embarks on a journey through the unpredictable realm of human connection. The Swedish quintet, known for their modern rock sound with occasional nostalgia-laden detours, deliver a sonic landscape that masterfully captures the raw essence of vulnerability and the delicate dance of conflict resolution. With August Mårtensson’s impassioned vocals, Jonas Brantryd’s soaring guitar work, John Conlon’s evocative bass lines, Kiko Sjöberg’s atmospheric keys, and Albin Samuelsson’s thunderous drumming, the band creates a soundscape that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Painted with vivid imagery, the lyrics of “The Hero & The Villain” delve into the complexities of a couple’s tumultuous relationship, blending surreal elements such as horses, wagons, and racquetball machines with the more intimate whispers echoing in the background. As the couple’s sunset eyes gaze upon each other, they are forced to confront their egos and reevaluate the state of their union. This poignant narrative is brought to life through a unique blend of genres, with rock forming the backbone, complemented by alternative, indie, pop, and electronic influences.

Ultimately, The Twin Doors’ “The Hero & The Villain” is a refreshing, genre-bending exploration of human emotion and the trials and tribulations of love. The track’s unconventional structure and diverse musical elements showcase the band’s ability to push boundaries while remaining true to their rock roots. The result is a hauntingly beautiful, emotionally charged conversation with a stranger that lingers long after the last note fades away. As The Twin Doors continue to chart new territory, they prove that their unique sound and unapologetic vulnerability have the power to resonate with listeners far and wide.

Soft Loft – “Little Less”

“Little Less,” the second single from the enigmatic collective Soft Loft, is a heartrending ode to the complexities of love and loss. Stripping away the layers of conventional love songs, this track is a refreshing reminder that sometimes, love isn’t all we need. With its confessional lyrics and a soundscape that encourages introspection, “Little Less” gently urges us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the warmth and light that awaits beyond the walls we’ve built around ourselves.

Jorina’s vulnerable and honest account of the struggle to let go after a breakup resonates with a universal pain that many have experienced. As the song progresses, the realization dawns that perhaps feeling a little less love could ease the burden of moving on, yet the door is left open for reconciliation. This tender exploration of heartache and healing is backed by the collective’s signature sound, which seamlessly weaves together elements of indie, folk, and dream pop to create an ethereal sonic refuge where the broken and the imperfect are not only embraced but celebrated.

Soft Loft, as a collective, is dedicated to crafting an environment where vulnerability paves the way for connection, transcending hierarchical structures and societal expectations. In “Little Less,” they successfully transform reality into a dreamscape that allows listeners to confront their emotions head-on, free from judgment. As Soft Loft continues to challenge conventional musical norms, they stand as a testament to the power of raw emotion and authentic connection, proving that sometimes, all we need is a little less love to find our way back to ourselves.

Estella Dawn – “Just Me”

San Diego-based singer-songwriter and producer Estella Dawn boldly steps into the modern pop scene with her latest emotive single, “Just Me.” Seamlessly blending genres and effortlessly displaying her vast array of performative influences, Estella showcases her unwavering confidence and passionate delivery. With hypnotic production and a memorable hook that instantly captivates the listener, “Just Me” takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, navigating the delicate balance between heartache and resilience. Estella’s honest, diary-style lyrics further cement her distinct identity in the ever-evolving pop landscape.

In “Just Me,” Estella Dawn’s striking vocals transition from quiet contemplation to gritty defiance, as she reflects on a broken relationship with a perfect blend of anecdote and relatability. The song’s simple chord pattern allows her swift, powerful lyrical outpourings to take center stage, while the underlying production creates a satisfyingly immersive experience. As the track progresses, Estella’s skillful switches in flow, pace, volume, and intensity highlight her ability to effortlessly unite elements of vulnerability and strength, reminiscent of pop icons like Sia, Adele, and Halsey.

Born in New Zealand and now making her mark in the US, Estella Dawn proves that her talent knows no boundaries as she continues to captivate her growing global audience. Her unique sound, which transcends genres with spirited conviction, is a testament to her dedication to her craft. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Estella embraces authenticity and maintains a timeless appeal amidst a constantly shifting industry. With each new release, she solidifies her position as a creative powerhouse who will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the future of modern pop.

Are We Hunting – “Strawberry Beach”

“Strawberry Beach,” the latest evocative offering from the enigmatic group Are We Hunting, immerses listeners in a dreamscape of yearning and escapism. As self-described “poor people from the ocean,” Are We Hunting’s oceanic influences permeate the fabric of the track, with lyrics that capture the essence of loneliness, escape, nostalgia, and peacefulness. The haunting melody transports us to a realm where the moonlit shore serves as a sanctuary from the complexities of reality, offering a temporary reprieve from life’s hardships.

The desire to flee to a mystical Strawberry Beach at night forms the core of the song’s poignant narrative. As the protagonist longs to swim beneath the moon’s light, savor stolen gin, and infuse the sea with vibrant hues, we bear witness to their introspective journey. In their solitude, memories of a past life resurface, symbolized by the jazz sailors sketching images of the ocean. The lyrics evoke a sense of melancholy, as the protagonist grapples with a persistent yearning for a simpler existence.

With “Strawberry Beach,” Are We Hunting has crafted a sonic masterpiece that weaves a tapestry of emotions, creating a vivid and immersive experience for the listener. The song’s delicate balance of loneliness and escape, nostalgia and yearning, and the underlying sense of peace, makes it a hauntingly beautiful anthem for anyone who has ever longed for an escape from the challenges of reality. As Are We Hunting continues to explore the depths of human emotion through their unique sound, they establish themselves as a powerful voice in the ever-evolving world of music.

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