TOTD: TIMI TEMPLE “Young Man, Old Boy”

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TIMI TEMPLE’s new track, Young Man, Old Boy, is a hard hitting look at being a 20 something year old and not really knowing your place in the world. Coming to the realization that life isn’t (solely) about hanging out with your friends and getting high anymore is a pretty tough thing to approach with grace, and this song tackles the emotions that come along with that.

Running from time
but it’s time to realize
that the clock doesn’t lie
no nobody can hide

From the opening line, you see TIMI TEMPLE’s internal struggle to figure out if he’s a young man or an old boy, ultimately coming to the conclusion that he’s still straddling the line, but growing closer to the former every day. What’s really impressive about the song is the brutal honesty hidden behind a quirky veneer. He slips in lines about how he’s too old to get high on a daily basis, but he’s too young to be completely sober, keeping things light and airy, while talking about heavy issues like how the world of culture and individuality is dwindling in the face of capitalism.

A headstrong track with surf and psych indie rock vibes, TIMI TEMPLE has developed a track that every person in their 20’s should sit down and analyze. Rarely do I say a song can be used as a tool to help figure out your next steps and I may not go that far with this one, but it’s definitely a track that can help you view things from multiple perspectives.

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