TOTD: Tia Gostelow feat. LANKS “Strangers”

From the harmonious start to the equally cohesive end, Tia Gostelow’s new single, Strangers, is exactly what you look for in a tale of summer love. The instrumentals are straightforward and don’t try to go over anyone’s head, and the lyrics are simple enough to let everyone find a piece of themselves while still being detailed enough to make you feel like part of a story that’s not your own. Strangers takes the listener into a world of summer love that’s a story in and of itself, but can make the listener recount similar times in their life. The line, “We were strangers wandering home,” is so good. It could have to do with cadence, but given the nature of the song, I think it’s important that Tia doesn’t say they were wandering to the strangers home, or their home, but that they were wandering home together as two strangers. Too many people try to discount the seasonal romance, but the outcome is completely situational and personal to the individual. I think what Tia is trying to get across is that even though they are strangers, they are finding their home in each other for a night, week, month, etc. Those can be the times you look back on with the most fondness.


“You take all the covers,
but I don’t mind
Glasses drained,
we lose our minds
The parts that had us paralyzed”

Speaking of losing your mind, when Tia flips “we were strangers” into her upper register at 2:40… wow. It is perfectly placed, and played to perfection. She understands the balance that is required to keep the listener coming back for more. If she stayed turned up to 11 like that constantly, we would lose appreciation for it. If the sun is always shining, we lose appreciation for it. We need the overcast days to know how warm the sun truly is. The song is this comfortable smooth overcast day, and then the sun bursts through the clouds for a few seconds, giving you a real appreciation for the day as a whole. With a beautiful melody, tight harmonies, and a perfect balance between Tia and LANKS’ voice, Strangers is the smooth summer song you didn’t know you needed in your life.


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