TOTD: Julian Sherwood “Make Stay”

Julian Sherwood. This guy is the reason that we are doing this blog. Drummer turned singer-songwriter, this guy is the Anderson .Paak of angsty, off-beat indie.

When I’m figuring out which songs to feature in posts on the blog, I always look for something a little different than what I’ve heard before. The timbre of Julian Sherwood’s voice is that perfect blend of familiar but new. He is like going to a new town that has a replica of your favorite coffeehouse from your hometown; the streets, sights, and sounds are all different, but it has that piece that makes you feel at home. With a piercing, yet exposed voice, Julian Sherwood sets the perfect stage for a story about the negative side of love.

This song digs into the hard truth and the “tragedy of commitment.” When you love people and things, and allow them to take up your time, you have that much less time to do what you please. It really brings up so many questions about what we value as individuals, and that we need to really pay attention to the things that we give our love and time to.

A close friend of mine once told me that we need to focus on the very few big “yeses” in our lives, and if the choice you have to make has an option that doesn’t get you closer to those “yeses,” then go with the other option. For example, my big yeses are family, travel, and working for myself. If I have to make a choice about spending time doing something, I will always try to make the choice that moves me closer to those three goals. This song makes you examine the things you love, and at least attempts to get you to trim the excess.

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