TOTD: YVI “Hometown”

New Release Friday is here! We pride ourselves on bringing you songs and artists you haven’t heard before and introducing you to your new favorite songs. For the rest of the day, expect fresh new music that you definitely haven’t heard before because it just came out today.

Diedrick Brandsma, the voice and mind behind YVI, has a brutal yet vulnerable honesty to his voice that is immediately apparent on his new single, Hometown. Check out his live recording of the song to really understand what I mean by “brutal yet vulnerable honesty.”

Hometown is the story of high school friendship. A beautiful telling of how distance and growing up has separated them physically, but the memories will never leave his mind or that town. Even though you continue to make friends throughout college and adulthood, those high school friendships are the ones you look back on with a strong fondness. I don’t necessarily miss high school, but I definitely understand the idea of missing those friendships you made.

This is a band who wasn’t even on our radar before this song, but I’m so glad we came across them. I’m definitely going to be watching for new songs and videos as they get ready to release their debut album, “A Few Words of Comfort,” in April of next year.

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