Mid-day Music Blast: Daniel Dorman “A Better Man”

As the B-Side Guys’ resident believer in a higher power, I thought it only right that I take this one. Also, the fact that an overtly Christian song is on the blog (and the podcast later, but that’s a secret between us) is a testament to how good this song really is.

I’ll be honest here; it took me a little while to realize that this was in fact a Christian song. There are a couple of reasons behind that: a bunch of artists use religious connotations and undertones to their music because it’s something they struggle with or they think people can relate to it, we don’t get very many Christian song submissions, and it’s really good. I mean REALLY good. Shots fired at Christian music? Nah… I feel like they have to know that most of it isn’t good.

danny d

C.S. Lewis said, “The world doesn’t need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.” Daniel Dorman has mixed both with this song about the struggles and fallacy of man. He opens the song and immediately engages the listener with a question that every man, or person for that matter, really struggles with; what would life be like if I was a better person? Then when he goes on to talk about his Christian faith, you are still engaged because he’s coming from a place of understanding and humility instead of shoving 3 and a half minutes of why you’re wrong and he’s right down your throat, which seems to be a common theme in Christian music. I digress.

I don’t want to get into a full analysis here since it will be on the show soon, but just know that I, as someone who continuously struggles with faith, a higher power, etc., absolutely love this song, but you don’t have to prescribe to any religion to appreciate the concept behind the art.

2 thoughts on “Mid-day Music Blast: Daniel Dorman “A Better Man”

  1. Nathan P says:


    Just wanted to say a few things in regards to your post and the song. I am a young christian man with a young family. I am by no means perfect and love this song because it shows like you said the humilty and honesty that comes with walking through life and faith.

    I understand that most people don’t have a great view of christian music for a variety of different reasons just the same as most people dont have a great view of christianity in general. All i want to say is have a second look at both.

    There are so many great christian artists that i have come to love and appreciate. Just to name a few theres Josh Garrels, Need to breath, Loud harp , Josh baldwin and Ascend the hill.

    These artists are worth checking out and may lead you to more great music. I beleive christian music has come a long way and can impact anyone even if they didnt expect it. Theres alot of emotion that is expressed through these artists music and it would be a shame to miss out simply because you beleive most of it isn’t good.


    • calexanderpoetry says:

      Hey Nathan!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I’m Caleb, not Seth, who wrote this post, but he’s on a bit of a hiatus so I doubt he’ll see this. I do really like Josh Garrels and Need to Breathe. I think Seth was more talking about the music you’d find on christian radio which is seemingly the same 3-4 songs regurgitated over and over again. A lot of the artists we like are artists who are Christian but not necessarily “Christian Artists”. You’re absolutely right though that any genre of music has music worth considering and it would be wrong to write off an entire genre of anything.

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog.


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