TOTD: Falaises – Boy

This is one of my favorite songs right now. The way it builds from a fun 80s sounding synth into a song that really is impossible not to dance around to belies the fact that the song actually has some melancholia in the lyrics. I love when sadder lyrics are hidden in pretty upbeat packages. This one seems to be a lot about unrequited love,

“Everyone reminds me of you boy
Everywhere I’m seeking you boy
Be my friend.
At every lie I want you more
Touching you, feeling you roar
Be my friend.”

My favorite part of the song is probably around the 3 minute mark or so when it breaks into almost an entirely new song for a few bars. The word “falaises” translates to cliff in French. And this song is full of cliffs, and valleys, and crescendos. It’s one amazingly fun ride that will have you hitting repeat as soon as it’s over.

Here’s a bonus if you liked the song:


Mid Day Music Blast: Are You Having Fun Yet “Turbo”

To answer the question, now that I know this song, yes, I am having fun. How great is this song? Mixing 80s synthwave and modern indie rock in a way that somehow feels nostalgic and fresh simultaneously, Are You Having Fun Yet is one of my favorite new projects. They have a self-titled album out now on whatever your favorite music platform is (we will link our Spotify playlist at the bottom).

“Grasping to control…”

I’m not sure if that’s what the hook says or not, but that’s what I hear and I can’t help identify with it. I assume a lot of us have felt this at some point. A feeling of trying to regain composure or control over your life situation. Step one: Listen to this album. Step two: I don’t know, see a therapist or something, don’t listen to a random dude on the internet.



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