Song Review: LeBarons – “Through To You”

LeBarons’ “Through To You,” from their new album “Days Are Mountains,” echoes with the poignant depth and emotional resonance that have become synonymous with the band’s unique brand of folk-punk and alt-country. The Toronto/Hamilton-based group, known for their storytelling prowess, delves into themes of communication breakdown and the struggle to connect, wrapped in a soundscape that transcends the conventional boundaries of alt-country. The collaboration with producers Jason “Cone” McCaslin and John Dinsmore is evident in the track’s polished, yet soulful, production, showcasing a maturation of sound that aligns with lead singer and songwriter Chris MacDonald’s evolving narrative artistry.

The lyrics of “Through To You” speak to the universal human experience of trying to reach someone emotionally distant. The lines “So tired of banging my head against the wall / You’re not listening” set the stage for a narrative filled with desperation and longing. The song’s chorus, “Tell me what I got to do / To get through to you,” is a heartfelt plea, laden with the weight of a one-sided effort to salvage a relationship. Musically, the song combines the earthiness of folk with the raw energy of punk and the soulful undertones of country, creating an atmosphere that is both haunting and deeply reflective. The instrumentation, with its blend of acoustic and electric elements, complements the lyrical narrative, enhancing the song’s emotional gravity.

“Through To You” stands as a testament to LeBarons’ ability to craft songs that not only tell stories but also evoke an array of emotions in their listeners. The song’s exploration of themes like fading passion (“That burning heart don’t burn anymore”) and the relentless pursuit of a connection (“All I got to do is get through to you”) is relatable, making it more than just a track – it’s an experience. The band’s commitment to authenticity and emotional honesty shines through in every chord and verse, solidifying their place as storytellers who can touch hearts and provoke thought through their music.

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