Song Review: Elephant Stone – “History Repeating”

In their latest track “History Repeating,” Elephant Stone delves into the reflective depths of psychedelic rock, presenting a poignant narrative that resonates deeply with the current socio-political climate. The song, a standout piece from their upcoming 6th album “Back Into the Dream,” is a powerful exploration of the repetitive cycles of violence and injustice, particularly concerning the treatment of native populations in Canada. Frontman Rishi Dhir’s lyrics are not just words; they are a clarion call for awareness, peace, and reparations, woven seamlessly into the fabric of the band’s signature psychedelic soundscapes.

The track’s musical arrangement is an intricate layering of slick, retro guitars and keys, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for Dhir’s introspective and urgent vocals. The blend of traditional psych-rock elements with contemporary concerns gives “History Repeating” a timeless quality, making it as relevant as it is hypnotic. The song’s chorus, “History repeating (no more, no more)…” is a simple yet powerful refrain, embodying the desperation and the urgent need for change. It’s a reminder that the issues we face are not new, but cyclical, demanding not just acknowledgment but actionable change.

“History Repeating” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Elephant Stone’s evolution as artists willing to address and challenge the status quo through their art. The album’s theme, centered around the mysteries of dreams and the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, is perfectly encapsulated in this track. The harmonious blend of introspective lyrics and entrancing melodies in “History Repeating” is a testament to Elephant Stone’s ability to navigate the realms of the personal and the political, the dreamlike and the all-too-real, with equal finesse and depth.

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