Song Review: Middle Part – “Get Fixed”

Middle Part, the artistic brainchild of Andy Selkōw, delivers a nostalgic yet groundbreaking anthem with “Get Fixed,” the opening track of his debut album “Disruptor.” Set against a backdrop reminiscent of early 2000s coming-of-age films like “American Pie,” the song captures the quintessential angst and introspective journey of growing up, aging, and confronting regrets.

Brooklyn-based Selkōw, weaving his personal experiences into the fabric of his music, creates a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Drawing on the confessional styles of Alanis Morissette, Third Eye Blind, and Michelle Branch, “Get Fixed” resonates with a unique blend of post-grunge and new millennium vibes. The track’s nostalgic tone is a deliberate homage to the era, yet it ventures beyond mere pastiche, offering an innovative twist that Middle Part describes as a depiction of “insanity” in the face of modern societal pressures.

Recorded in both New York and a serene cabin in Maine, the song benefits from collaborative efforts with notable producers and artists, enriching its sonic depth. The track’s spirited energy and raucous vibe set a compelling tone for “Disruptor,” promising an album that intricately combines distorted maximalism with heartfelt sincerity.

“Get Fixed” is more than just an indie pop anthem; it’s a narrative of self-acceptance and the acknowledgement of life’s complexities. The song’s introspective lyrics, combined with Middle Part’s earnest emotional expression, create a powerful message about the challenges of aging and the weight of carrying past regrets.

Middle Part’s commitment to visual storytelling complements the auditory experience, with a visual narrative paying tribute to MTV’s golden era, creating an ambiance that enhances the song’s thematic depth. This visual aspect, featuring a glass box symbolizing the “Tortured Artist,” adds a layer of introspection to the song.

Selkōw’s journey from Alaska to New York, culminating in the creation of Middle Part, showcases his evolution as an artist. “Get Fixed” is a testament to this journey, offering listeners a glimpse into his world of dream-punk and emotive storytelling. The track is not just a song, but a statement of intent from Middle Part, marking their place in the indie music scene with a sound that disrupts the norm and resonates with genuine, heartfelt emotion.

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