Song Review: The smallest Creature – “What Color Is the Rain”

The smallest Creature’s latest single “What Color Is the Rain” is an evocative alternative rock piece that resonates with a deep sense of introspection and wonder. Reminiscent of the sounds of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, this Cyprus-based quartet crafts a song that is both a rousing anthem and a poignant meditation on the contrasts of life’s chaos and beauty.

Written during the stillness of Cyprus’ first lockdown in 2020, the track encapsulates the heightened awareness of nature’s subtleties during that period of global standstill. The song’s lyricism reflects a deep contemplation of the universe, juxtaposing humanity’s oscillation between chaos and perfection. Throughout the track, there is a recurring motif that positions music as both the question and answer to the complexities of life, a theme that resonates deeply with anyone who finds solace in melodies and harmonies.

Musically, “What Color Is the Rain” is an uplifting rock anthem characterized by its marching beat and lush soundscapes. The track builds from contemplative verses into a powerful chorus, asking the listener, “What color is the rain?”. This metaphorical question serves as an invitation to find one’s own meaning in the chaos of existence. The song culminates in a whirlwind outro, symbolizing a self-sacrificial release into the unknown, mirroring the band’s musings on the beauty of the unexplored and the harmony inherent in life’s moments yet experienced.

The smallest Creature, known for their fuzz-soaked introspective songs and broad palette of influences, continue to paint vivid imagery with their music, guiding listeners on a journey through the human condition. “What Color Is the Rain” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a call to recognize the chaotic yet beautiful tapestry of life. It’s an anthem for those who see music as a unifying force, a constant amidst the ever-changing landscapes of our world. The track, part of their upcoming constellation of songs born from the lockdown, showcases the band’s ability to blend melancholic moods with sauntering riffs, making it a must-listen for fans of thought-provoking and emotive rock music.

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