Song Review: Sam Eplin – “Head Hang Low”

“Head Hang Low” by Sam Eplin is a poignant addition to the FolkAmericana genre, echoing the timeless qualities of artists like Gregory Alan Isakov and Bob Dylan. The song’s folky essence, enriched with the delicate touch of strings, offers a melancholic yet comforting soundscape that invites introspection and solace.

Eplin’s storytelling prowess shines through his evocative lyrics. The opening line, “We walk a careful line ‘tween strangers killing time / And me dragging by my nose,” immediately sets a scene of quiet introspection amid life’s transient nature. The song’s chorus, “Don’t let your head hang low,” serves as a gentle, recurring reminder of resilience in the face of life’s hardships, encouraging the listener to maintain dignity and hope even in moments of despair.

The lyrics, “Some things you can’t unsay / Wouldn’t want to anyway / Some things you can’t unknow,” reflect on the irreversible nature of experiences and words, suggesting acceptance of the past and the wisdom gained from it. The advice to “Stand tall, tie up your coat, walk proud and calm and slow,” speaks to the idea of facing life’s challenges with grace and strength, reinforcing the song’s theme of enduring through tough times.

Eplin’s mention of the “ugly restless crowd” and the imagery of “climbing the sycamore” to escape the noise and chaos of the world adds a layer of depth, suggesting a desire to find peace in a tumultuous environment. The song seamlessly blends the personal with the universal, offering a narrative that is both intimate and relatable.

The final lines, “I will remember you as you would want me to / Don’t let your head hang low,” bring a sense of closure and tribute, possibly alluding to the memory of a loved one and the desire to honor their memory by living with resilience and hope.

Overall, “Head Hang Low” is a masterful blend of folk storytelling and lyrical introspection. Its soothing melody, coupled with Eplin’s heartfelt lyrics and the rich accompaniment of strings, creates a track that resonates with the soul, providing comfort and a sense of companionship to anyone navigating the complexities of life.

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