Song Review: Saints & Liars – “Be Here Be Now”

Nestled in the rich tapestry of folk and Americana, “Be Here Be Now” by Saints & Liars is a song that captures the essence of a moment – a serene, introspective pause in the rolling hills of Tuscany. This five-piece Roadhouse Roots Band from Vermont, known for their energetic performances, takes a gentle detour into the realms of tranquility and mindfulness, reminiscent of the works of Noah Kahan and Gregory Alan Isakov.

“Be Here Be Now” unfolds like a meditative journey. The song’s acoustic melody, woven with subtle, soulful harmonies, reflects the tranquility of the Tuscan landscape where it was conceived. Each strum of the guitar carries the warmth of the Italian sun, while the lyrics serve as a gentle reminder to embrace the present. The band’s signature raw speed and gruff howling are replaced here by a soothing tone, a tender howl to the beauty of now.

The charm of the song lies in its simplicity and its ability to transport listeners to a serene, idyllic setting. It’s easy to envision oneself amidst a yoga retreat, surrounded by the rustic beauty of Tuscany, as the song plays. The romantic and moody undertones add layers of depth, inviting listeners to not just hear, but feel the music. Saints & Liars showcase their versatility in this track, proving that they can make you dance and stomp, but also reflect and introspect.

In “Be Here Be Now,” Saints & Liars have created a musical retreat for the soul. It’s a song that encourages listeners to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty of the moment. It’s a testament to their ability to transcend genres and create music that resonates on a universal level, making “Be Here Be Now” a must-add to any playlist for those seeking a moment of peace in their day.

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