Song Review: Penny Roox – “By My Side”

“By My Side” by Penny Roox is a hauntingly beautiful alt-pop ballad that delves deep into the realms of love, loss, and nostalgia. The Dutch songstress, known for her inquisitive and poignant storytelling, has outdone herself with this latest release, announcing a new sound that richly intertwines with the core of human emotion.

The song opens with a yearning to turn back time to a summer imbued with pink wine and love, capturing a moment when everything seemed perfect. Penny Roox’s voice, likened to an old polaroid, exudes a sense of urgency yet remains comforting and soft-edged, perfectly encapsulating the mixed emotions of reminiscing about a lost love.

The lyrics of “By My Side” paint a vivid picture of a past relationship, one filled with love and intensity, evoking a sense of longing for days gone by. The chorus, “Every day I’ll keep you by my side / I close my eyes and try to picture you alive,” speaks volumes of the pain of missing someone who was once an integral part of life. The reference to the sizzling heat brings a tactile sense to the memory, making the song not just an auditory but a sensory experience.

Penny’s knack for storytelling shines through as she weaves the tale of a journey to the south of France, a memory now tinged with sadness. Her ability to express deep emotions through her lyrics is striking, as she sings about trying to cope with a broken heart that each beat seems to tear apart. The song transitions from reminiscence to a deeper reflection on love and loss, capturing the essence of waiting for a reunion in another life.

The musical arrangement of “By My Side” complements its lyrical depth, with the strings and piano adding layers to the song, creating a soundscape that is both lush and intimate. The instrumentation enhances the song’s emotional impact, making it resonate like a cherished memory.

In “By My Side,” Penny Roox has crafted a song that is not just a piece of music but a journey through the heart’s deepest corridors. Her talent as a vocalist and songwriter shines, pulling listeners into a world of nostalgia, big dreams, and the complexities of love and loss. This song stands as a testament to her ability to capture and articulate the human experience in a way that is both personal and universally relatable.

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