Song Review: Miles Osten – “In The Middle”

“In The Middle” by Miles Osten is a vibrant, alt-pop anthem that encapsulates the rollercoaster of modern dating with a blend of wry humor and earnest emotion. This track, with its energetic kick and distorted bassline, provides a compelling backdrop for a story that’s as bizarre as it is relatable in today’s digital dating age. Osten’s lyrical prowess shines through in his depiction of a weekend filled with unexpected turns, from the surreal encounter with a date’s long-term partner to the peculiar realization of being in the landlord’s hot tub.

The chorus, “Stuck in the middle endlessly / Stuck in the middle you and me,” captures the essence of being caught in a situation that’s both comically absurd and frustratingly real. This line serves as the song’s heartbeat, highlighting the emotional limbo that often characterizes modern relationships. The song’s structure mirrors the chaos and unpredictability of the narrative. The throbbing beat and dynamic tempo keep the listener on their toes, reflecting the protagonist’s own disorientation. The distorted bassline adds a layer of intensity to the track, underscoring the emotional turmoil beneath the surface of this quirky tale. Vocally, Osten brings a mix of sincerity and sarcasm, expertly conveying the complexity of feelings involved in such a bizarre dating experience.

The lines “I don’t wanna fight then make up / Make love then break up / Mess up your make up” delve into the push-and-pull of a relationship that’s stuck in a perpetual state of uncertainty. “In The Middle” is more than just a recount of a strange dating experience; it’s a commentary on the complexities of seeking connection in a digital world. It reflects the confusion, the desire for something genuine, and the occasional absurdity that comes with navigating love and relationships in the age of dating apps.

Miles Osten has crafted a track that resonates with anyone who’s ever found themselves in an unexpected or complicated romantic scenario. “In The Middle” is a testament to Osten’s ability to turn personal anecdotes into universally appealing music, blending relatable storytelling with catchy, dynamic production.

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