Song Review: Little Quirks – “Storm Like Me”

Little Quirks’ latest single “Storm Like Me” is a tempestuous fusion of indie rock and alt-pop, showcasing a raw and unfiltered exploration of the fiery dynamics in relationships. Recorded and produced by Nick DiDia in Byron Bay, Australia, the track resonates with a sense of bold authenticity and energetic aggression, characteristic of the all-girl trio’s unique sound.

“Storm Like Me” delves into the tumultuous aspects of love and relationships, portraying the moments of impassioned outbursts and the aftermath of words spoken in heat. The song captures the essence of owning one’s volatile side, the acknowledgment of saying things that are regrettable, and the embrace of those fierce emotions. The track’s narrative is empowered by the fiery vocal delivery, which is complemented by the robust blend of mandolin, acoustic guitar, and drums. The sisters, Abbey and Mia, along with their cousin Jaymi, harness their natural talent for mesmerizing harmonies, adding depth and a raw edge to the song’s pop/folk foundation.

The energy of “Storm Like Me” is both aggressive and euphoric, echoing influences from iconic artists like First Aid Kit and Alanis Morissette, while incorporating the rhythmic drive reminiscent of Mumford & Sons. The Little Quirks succeed in creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly unique. Their ability to meld pop sensibilities with folk underpinnings results in a track that is as catchy as it is introspective.

The song’s production, under the guidance of DiDia, who has worked with the likes of Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen, is crisp and dynamic, allowing each instrument and vocal layer to shine. “Storm Like Me” stands as a testament to the Little Quirks’ growth as artists, showcasing their evolution in sound and storytelling.

For fans of energetic, soul-stirring music that speaks to the complexities of human emotions, “Storm Like Me” is a must-listen. It encapsulates the essence of the Little Quirks – a band that is unafraid to explore the stormy aspects of the human heart with honesty, vigor, and captivating melodies. This track not only sets the stage for their upcoming album but solidifies their place as a compelling force in the indie music scene.

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