Song Review: Kyle T Hurley – “The Rats Will Find You”

Kyle T Hurley’s latest single, “The Rats Will Find You,” from his upcoming fourth studio album “Kyle T. Hurley IV,” is a testament to his deep-seated roots in the Americana genre. This song, set to be accompanied by a video on September 15th, is an embodiment of Hurley’s belief that true art and music spring from the grit and authenticity of the streets.

The track itself is a rich tapestry of storytelling, woven with the threads of classic country blues and a 90s-grunge twist, showcasing Hurley’s ability to blend genres seamlessly. His approach to music is refreshingly raw and honest, reflecting his experiences and observations of the world around him. The song’s premise, emphasizing that regardless of the success and recognition art may garner, its soul always remains in the raw, unpolished environments of its inception, resonates deeply.

Hurley’s music is characterized by stirring lead guitar licks and ballads that linger in the memory long after the song ends. “The Rats Will Find You” is no exception, with its competent melodies and poignant lyrics that stick like gum to the memory. The production, led by Rafael Pesce of Spiritual Records and recorded by Jack Trouble, ensures that every element of the song – from Hurley’s gravelly voice to the intricate guitar work – is presented with clarity and warmth.

Having honed his craft in the vibrant Los Angeles music club scene and across the pond in London, Hurley brings a seasoned perspective to his work. His experiences recording in renowned studios like Castlesound Studios and Abbey Road Studios are evident in the polished yet authentic sound of “The Rats Will Find You.” The inclusion of musicians like Robin Banerjee, Amy Winehouse’s guitarist, in his previous works speaks to the caliber of talent that Hurley collaborates with.

In essence, “The Rats Will Find You” is a song that celebrates the unbreakable spirit of artistry that thrives amidst adversity and authenticity. It’s a powerful reminder of the humble beginnings of great art and a nod to the enduring nature of creativity that persists despite commercialization. Kyle T Hurley’s latest offering is not just a song but a statement – a declaration of the enduring soul of true art and music.

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