Song Review: Drew Drake – “Still Here” (Demo) feat. Logan Norris

“Still Here” (Demo) by Drew Drake featuring Logan Norris is an introspective foray into alternative hip-hop, woven with the conscious lyricism of artists like Little Simz and Noname. This track delves into the complexities of identity, self-doubt, and resilience in the face of life’s relentless challenges, wrapped in a BoomBap rhythm that is both chill and contemplative.

The track opens with a reflective chorus, setting the tone for the introspective journey ahead. Drake’s lyrics, “I don’t really say this often but / And I know / You told me failure ain’t an option cuz / That’s fasho,” resonate as a mantra for persistence against adversity. The chorus embodies a sense of gratitude and unity, suggesting that together, obstacles can be overcome.

In the verses, Drake navigates the intricate terrains of personal struggles and societal expectations. His line, “I’ve learned to blackout when I blackout / a piston like Jerry Stackhouse,” is a powerful metaphor for resilience and strength in the face of life’s challenges. The references to feeling lost and overwhelmed, as seen in “My insecurities steady rising / Just climbing my way to Clout,” and “Got lost in the algorithm / my anxiety’s like a mile long,” capture the inner turmoil of striving for recognition and dealing with self-doubt in a hyper-connected world.

The second verse further explores themes of identity and self-acceptance, addressing issues like colorism and self-hatred with poignant honesty. Lines like “What’s a tear to a black boy / Feelings I’ve taught to ignore,” and “If this body is a temple, / Then maybe all I need is repentance,” are both vulnerable and powerful, illustrating the internal battles faced by individuals navigating their identity in a complex world.

The bridge, “Hold up / Together Ain’t No Stopping Us,” is both a call to unity and a personal affirmation, reinforcing the song’s message of solidarity and strength in togetherness.

Overall, “Still Here” stands out for its raw and authentic storytelling, layered over a smooth and rhythmic soundscape. It’s a song that doesn’t just resonate musically but also emotionally and intellectually, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery and resilience. Drake and Norris have crafted a song that is as thought-provoking as it is melodically engaging, making “Still Here” a standout track in the realm of alternative hip-hop.

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