Album Review: Crushing Planes – Odd Numbers EP

Crushing Planes’ EP “Odd Numbers” is an introspective journey through the human psyche, set against the backdrop of a raw and compelling rock soundscape. This Houston rock trio has masterfully encapsulated a range of emotions and themes, from fear and insecurity to the quest for meaning and the dangers of unchecked power. Produced by Ryan English and mastered by Nick Joswick, the EP marries a fresh sound with solid production, while staying true to the band’s unique style.

The EP opens with “Zero,” an energetic track that encapsulates the resilience and defiance of a generation facing existential challenges. The chorus particularly targets those in power who seem indifferent to the younger generation’s struggles, serving as an anthem of resistance and empowerment.

“To Follow” takes a critical look at the impact of the digital age on personal identity and the quest for authenticity. The song’s narrative speaks to the soul, challenging the listener to reflect on their own life choices and the often-blinding allure of following the crowd. The fusion of catchy hooks with profound lyrics makes it a standout piece on the EP.

“For Despair” delves deeper into the emotional landscape, touching on themes of self-doubt and emotional distress. The poignant lyrics, combined with the haunting melody, create a soundscape that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s trials and tribulations. This song stands out for its honest and raw portrayal of mental struggles, offering a cathartic release that’s both powerful and relatable.

“Six Degrees” reflects on the internal struggles of self-identity and mediocrity in a world overly focused on superficial achievements. The chorus, “Climb aboard this train / Destined for great things / For none pen the same / Sonnets of happiness,” speaks to the universal human quest for significance and the fear of being ordinary. This track resonates with anyone grappling with finding their place in a world that values appearance over substance.

The EP concludes with “Hillside,” a hard-hitting critique of power and its corrupting influence. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of authority’s fallibility, echoing with the disillusionment felt when those who preach virtue fail to practice it. This track sets a strong, introspective tone for the album, as the band weaves through complex melodies and raw guitar riffs, building a soundscape as grand and confrontational as the subject it tackles.

Overall, “Odd Numbers” is an EP that stands out for its lyrical depth, musical prowess, and emotional resonance. Crushing Planes has crafted a collection of songs that are not just enjoyable to listen to but also provoke thought and introspection. With “Odd Numbers,” the band solidifies their reputation as a group that can artfully blend introspective storytelling with powerful, energizing rock music.

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