Song Review: Beth Roars – “Phonograph Électronique”

Beth Roars’ latest track, “Phonograph Électronique,” stands as a hauntingly beautiful testament to the darker side of technology and the human psyche. The song, with its chilling alt-pop sound, resonates with the eerie and theatrical essence akin to Danny Elfman’s work, making it a perfect anthem for this shadowy time of year.

“Phonograph Électronique” delves deep into the often-overlooked crevices of our relationship with technology. The song’s composition masterfully intertwines a blend of alternative rock and alt-pop, creating an atmosphere that’s both unsettling and captivating. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the disorientation and alienation experienced in the digital age, reflecting on the loss of self amidst the ever-expanding digital landscape. Beth’s voice, both ethereal and intense, serves as a perfect vehicle for this exploration, guiding listeners through a labyrinth of electronic sounds that mimic the dissonance of a mind overwhelmed by the relentless advance of technology.

The track is more than just a song; it’s a sonic journey through the complexities of modern existence. The instrumentation, with its dark, swirling melodies, creates an ambiance reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie, particularly “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This connection is not just thematic but also musical, as the song’s structure and arrangement echo the whimsical yet dark tone of Elfman’s compositions. The use of varied tempos, along with the fusion of traditional rock instruments and electronic sounds, adds layers of depth and intrigue, making “Phonograph Électronique” a track that demands multiple listens.

As a piece of art, “Phonograph Électronique” does more than entertain; it challenges and provokes. It’s a reflection of our times, a mirror held up to the increasingly blurred lines between reality and the digital world. Beth Roars has not only created a song but has crafted an experience, a timely reminder of the need to stay grounded in a world where virtual and reality are constantly at odds. The track is a haunting reminder of the potential perils of our digital obsession, making it a poignant addition to the alt-pop genre and a perfect fit for the mood of the season.

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