Song Review: kitsches – “temporary”

“temporary,” the latest single from kitsches, is a charming concoction of genres, blending the soulful strum of country with the heartfelt emotion of indie pop. The song, a standout track from their album ‘brew’, showcases the duo’s unique ability to fuse seemingly disparate styles into a coherent, engaging sound. With a nod to their self-coined term “redneck Coldplay,” kitsches deliver a track that feels both familiar and innovative.

The song captures the essence of a 20-something’s navigation through the complexities of young adulthood, where a steady relationship serves as an anchor amidst life’s relentless whirlwind. It’s not your typical love song, but rather a narrative of finding solace in companionship during times of personal upheaval and uncertainty. The jangly guitar work and the lively rhythms create an atmosphere that is upbeat and comforting, mirroring the song’s theme of finding stability in a partner’s presence.

kitsches, comprised of Mathea and Moritz, have a sound that is as cozy and inviting as the small-town café where their story began. Their music is a sanctuary for daydreaming, a gateway to imaginary landscapes far beyond the confines of their German town’s home studio. “temporary” is a testament to their musical vision, offering listeners a glimpse into a world where genres meld seamlessly and stories are told with a mix of earnestness and whimsy. The track’s infectious energy and relatable lyrics make it a perfect addition to any playlist seeking a blend of introspective storytelling and foot-tapping melodies.

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