Video of the Day: Theo Adler – “Information Age”

Indie rock has had its fair share of evolution, branching out into multifaceted genres and sub-genres, and it’s artists like Theo Adler who keep pushing its boundaries. With “Information Age,” Adler provides an astute commentary on the rapidity of life’s progression, delivered in a song that is a confluence of trip hop, pop, and alternative rock, and bathed in shades of moody introspection, subtle joy, and laid-back vibes.

Drawing inspiration from a landscape dominated by bands like Blur and The Vaccines, the track delves deep into the chaos of modern life. It artfully presents the daunting tightrope walk that is our daily existence in this age of overwhelming information and incessant change. The very foundation of the song, with its rhythmic play that alternates between double-time tempos and half-timed ideas, gives it a pulsating heartbeat that encapsulates the unpredictable rhythm of life itself. The electronic undertones, produced through a medley of synthesizers, create an atmosphere reminiscent of the heady days of trip hop while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Born in London’s musical cradle of Fulham, Theo Adler’s musical journey is evident in the way he brings together various influences. One can sense the larger-than-life aura of the Rolling Stones and the experimental verve of Radiohead in his music. But more than the influences, it’s the personal touch, that spin he weaves into his creations, that truly makes the song stand out. It’s evident that the song has its roots in Adler’s early admiration for Ben Folds Five, blending piano-driven melodies with indie-rock sensibilities.

The history and ambiance of The Wool Hall, where the track was crafted alongside Luke Potashnick, undoubtedly play a role in its creation. It’s a place that has witnessed the musical genius of iconic acts from Tears for Fears to Joni Mitchell. Potashnick’s comparison of Theo to the early sounds of Beck and The Kinks is not just apt but also highlights the innovative and timeless nature of Adler’s music.

To sum it up, “Information Age” is not just a song; it’s a mirror to the times we live in. With this track, Theo Adler has once again proven his prowess as a musician, storyteller, and keen observer of the human condition, crafting melodies and lyrics that resonate long after the last note has been played. The music scene awaits with bated breath for what Adler has in store next, as “Information Age” is but a glimpse into the vast potential of this talented artist.

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