Song Review: Madge – “TALL GRASS” feat. Portugal. The Man

When boundary-pushers collide, the result is predictably unpredictable. Such is the sonic thrill that Madge’s “TALL GRASS”, featuring Portugal. The Man, delivers. The synergy between two of the music industry’s most avant-garde acts forges a track that is as cerebral as it is energetic. Drawing from the edgy tapestries of hyperpop and grounding them with the familiar weight of alternative rock, “TALL GRASS” feels like a manifesto for the future of pop.

Madge, a self-produced maverick, emerges from their cat cave in Los Angeles, carrying with them a history steeped in religious upbringing and a talent that has been tapped by a slew of diverse artists, from Pussy Riot to Kaskade. The track’s collaboration with Portugal. The Man is emblematic of Madge’s inexhaustible drive to challenge pop conventions. It’s a partnership born out of persistence, as evidenced by their recounted back-and-forth exchanges, culminating in a song that’s a “Frankenstein” of their collective creativity.

From the get-go, “TALL GRASS” is a visceral experience. There’s a kinetic energy that reverberates, a product of the genre-blending chaos and calculated precision. It’s almost as if Dorian Electra and SOPHIE had a jam session in a garage, and Portugal. The Man decided to crash the party. The tracks from both artists are notable for their experimental sounds, and their union in “TALL GRASS” is seamless.

While Madge’s ethos is palpably rooted in their experiences – a tumultuous blend of Mormon upbringing, time in Brooklyn, and now, the eclectic world of Los Angeles – their music speaks to a broader audience. “TALL GRASS”, in particular, resonates with the angst of the present, the uncertainties of the future, and a rebellious spirit that refuses to be tamed.

Their upcoming album, BOXJAR, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases, especially if “TALL GRASS” is a testament to what’s in store. Madge’s commitment to pioneering a future for pop music, one that’s untethered by traditional norms, is commendable. They have, in essence, embarked on a journey to give pop a much-needed shakeup, and with tracks like “TALL GRASS”, they’re doing it with style.

In conclusion, “TALL GRASS” is not just a song. It’s an event, a testament to the genius that results when the right artists come together. It’s a beacon for the direction in which music is heading, and with Madge at the forefront, the future looks bright – and brilliantly unpredictable.

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