Song Review: A Darker Bright – “Trains”

With the release of “Trains”, A Darker Bright once again proves they are masters of crafting profoundly emotional landscapes through music. Rooted in the delicate balance of indie pop and alternative rock, the song plunges the listener into the depths of despair, capturing the overwhelming sensation of loss and the labyrinthine journey to recovery.

“Trains” paints a vivid picture of the tumultuous aftermath of grief. The imagery of hopping onto a train with no clear destination encapsulates the feeling of aimlessness that often follows a devastating loss. This notion of running away, only to realize that escape is but a fleeting respite, is brilliantly encapsulated in the line: “With all this running away, that our heartbeats will feel empty.” It’s a poignant reminder that avoidance often leads to a more profound sense of emptiness.

Musically, “Trains” is a dynamic ride. With energetic undertones reminiscent of Bloc Party and the darker, moody vibes echoing Interpol and The Cure, the song weaves through highs and lows, perfectly mirroring the emotional rollercoaster of its narrative. The chorus, with its repeated mantra “Time will heal they say”, serves as both a reassurance and a haunting reminder of the slow march toward recovery. The build-up, crescendo, and subsequent reflections in the instrumentation mirror bands like Kings of Leon, lending a grandiosity to the song’s soundscape.

A Darker Bright’s LA roots shine through, particularly in the polished production and expansive sound that feels quintessentially Californian – there’s a certain grandeur and vastness to it. The band’s commitment to speaking to the mind and soothing the heart is palpable, and “Trains” is no exception. Its earnest lyricism offers a salve for the soul, a musical hand reaching out in a dark tunnel, reminding us that even in our loneliest hours, we are not truly alone.

In essence, “Trains” is a musical journey in its own right – a passage through pain, confusion, and hope. A Darker Bright has not just created a song but a sonic reflection on the complexities of the human experience. As the lights go out and the trains shut down, this track remains a glimmering beacon in the night.

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