Album Preview: Cattle & Cane – Golden

As the vibrant hues of autumn blanket the world in a warm embrace, Teesside’s most cherished sibling duo, Cattle & Cane, captivates us with their latest masterpiece – ‘Golden’. Set to release on November 17th via Quiet Crown, and pressed onto a special eco-friendly vinyl by Press On Vinyl in Middlesbrough, ‘Golden’ is more than just an album; it’s a tapestry of memories, emotions, and timeless tales woven into ten heartfelt tracks.

Venturing into the depths of indie-folk and Americana, the Hammill siblings have masterfully curated an array of songs that embody the very essence of human relationships. They speak of love in its purest form, the challenging moments that test bonds, and the rejuvenating power of redemption. And in doing so, they have undoubtedly reestablished their prowess in the UK’s thriving indie-folk and Americana scenes.

The titular track, “Golden”, stands out as a testament to the sheer beauty of undying love. It speaks of a love that remains steadfast through life’s highs and lows, a love that endures even when tested by time’s relentless march. The track is drenched in rich harmonies, with Joe and Helen’s vocals intertwining in an enchanting dance, taking listeners on a journey through life’s varied phases.

“IOU”, in stark contrast, delves into the shadowy recesses of a relationship. It’s raw and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the moments when everything seems to hang in the balance. The song encourages confronting those simmering tensions that lurk below the surface and speaks to the resilient spirit of love that can emerge triumphant from such confrontations.

“Dancing”, a song that offers a redemption arc for the flawed yet inherently human nature of relationships, shines brightly in the album. It tells the tale of past mistakes, introspection, and the transformative power of self-awareness. It’s a track that highlights Cattle & Cane’s unique ability to create compelling narratives through song, building emotional landscapes that listeners can easily traverse.

While ‘Golden’ predominantly revolves around the theme of relationships, it’s also a deeply personal endeavor for the Hammills. Having taken a hiatus from music to address life’s unforeseen challenges, their return feels all the more powerful. The undercurrent of hope that flows through each track is a reflection of their personal journeys, making this album resonate deeply with its listeners. This sentiment of cherishing familial bonds is beautifully illustrated through the album’s artwork, adorned with nostalgic childhood photographs of Joe and Helen.

The meticulous production, spearheaded by long-time collaborator Luke Elgie, further elevates ‘Golden’ to an auditory masterpiece. The symbiotic collaboration with esteemed mix engineers like Mike Butler and John Martindale, coupled with the talents of exceptional session musicians, ensures that every track on the album is a sonic delight.

The journey of Cattle & Cane, sprinkled with editorial accolades and staggering Spotify stream numbers, is a testament to their ever-growing influence in the music world. Their history of touring with luminary artists like Jake Isaac, Nerina Pallot, and the inimitable Brian Wilson, amplifies their reputation as a magnetic live act. Their upcoming UK tour, with already sold-out performances at the revered Georgian Theatre in Stockton, promises to be an unmissable event. The magic of their live performances will unfold across the UK, from Epsom’s Playhouse to Glasgow’s iconic King Tuts, offering fans a chance to immerse themselves in the soulful world of Cattle & Cane.

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It’s noteworthy to mention that the duo’s connection with their hometown runs deep. Middlesbrough FC’s gesture of printing the lyrics of their anthem ‘Infant Hercules’ on the club’s shirts stands as a testament to their influence. Moreover, Joe’s collaborations with renowned artists like Lucy Spraggan and Alice On The Roof further solidify his prowess as a versatile songwriter.

In summation, ‘Golden’ is an odyssey through the intricate labyrinth of human emotions. It celebrates love in all its forms, addresses the tumultuous phases of relationships, and above all, underscores the rejuvenating spirit of hope. The Hammill siblings, with their latest offering, have gifted us an album that transcends time. It’s an invitation to reflect, to reminisce, and to revel in the myriad hues of life. As the world stands at the cusp of a new year, ‘Golden’ emerges as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the beauty that lies in the everyday, in the ordinary, and in the shared experiences of love and life. With every track, Cattle & Cane assures us that even in the darkest moments, there’s always a glimmer of gold waiting to be discovered.

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