Song Review: We Kinder – “It’s Okay To Panic”

In a musical landscape where the quest for authenticity and genuine emotional resonance often takes center stage, We Kinder’s “It’s Okay To Panic” stands tall as a beacon of raw expression. The track, under the sonic guidance of Ella Fuchs and Madsen Vale, conjures a vivid tableau of emotional disarray, akin to the visceral energy of bands like Interpol and Blood Red Shoes, but with its own unique tinge of poignant introspection reminiscent of The xx.

The opening lines set a tone of urgency and vulnerability: “You call the captain and I’ll do the SOS”. There’s a sense of impending chaos, further emphasized by the haunting chorus which resonates with the listener, creating a universally empathetic atmosphere. The repeated proclamation, “It’s okay to panic now”, offers both a validation of the raw and often suppressed feelings that engulf us in moments of despair and a call to arms – a rallying cry urging us to embrace and vocalize our fears.

It’s in the bridge where the song truly crescendos, both musically and emotionally. “I wanna get out / But all the doors are closed”, sung amidst a swelling instrumental, touches upon the universal human experience of feeling trapped, desperate, and desiring an escape. The song’s versatility shines through in the contrast between its delicate verses and the unrelenting energy of its chorus, a musical reflection of the paradoxical duality of the human spirit: fragile yet resilient, desperate yet hopeful.

We Kinder, with their intricate blend of punk vibes, gentle soul elements, and the haunting echoes of indie rock, have truly carved a niche for themselves. This track, from their album “Panic Now”, underscores the duo’s capability to speak to the zeitgeist of a generation grappling with the unexpected turns life can take, especially in the backdrop of a global pandemic. The song is a testament to the beauty that arises when two artists, with distinct musical backgrounds, come together to create art that’s not just sonically pleasing, but deeply resonant. “It’s Okay To Panic” is less a song and more an experience, a cathartic journey through the maze of human emotions, and it stands as one of the standout tracks of the album.

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