Song Review: Curling – “Hi-Elixir”

In a modern landscape where indie rock and pop frequently blend, producing an ever-evolving subgenre, Curling’s “Hi-Elixir” stands out as a profoundly emotional and melodic gem. Reminiscent of the emotive lyrical and sonic stylings of the likes of American Football and Rainer Maria, this track is a passionate nod to ’90s indie rock while comfortably situating itself in contemporary vibes.

The lyrics of “Hi-Elixir” weave a heartfelt tale of yearning and realization. With the line, “Hey, don’t lose that longing,” the song speaks to the universal human experience of chasing desires, asking the listener not to lose that innate sense of aspiration. The reminder that “There is life all around, can’t you see?” resonates deeply, evoking images of missed opportunities and the inherent beauty that surrounds us daily.

The introspective line, “You know that’s not how it goes,” punctuates the chorus with a hard-hitting truth. Paired with the poignant reflection that “you can’t take back what you have never had,” “Hi-Elixir” strikes a chord of acceptance and understanding, mirroring the introspection that bands like Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate encapsulated so well in their heyday.

But beyond its evocative lyrics, what stands out is the track’s atmospheric instrumentation. The guitars cascade with reverb-soaked riffs, reminiscent of American Football’s intricate and melancholic playing style. The pacing is consistent with the narrative, building up with fervor, only to retreat, reflecting the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster that the song portrays.

Furthermore, the duality of the terms “Adored” and “Adorned” plays a beautiful lyrical trick, with one speaking to deep love and appreciation and the other to superficial allure. “Took a lifetime to know that you’re looking for a thrill” captures the essence of yearning and the continuous search for excitement. And the line “Tied down for a lullaby” encapsulates the desire to be anchored, even in a transient world.

Curling’s “Hi-Elixir” bridges the gap between the poignant indie rock of the past and today’s contemporary soundscapes. It feels both nostalgic and fresh, a delicate balancing act that Curling achieves flawlessly. In essence, “Hi-Elixir” is not just a song—it’s a contemplative journey, and for those familiar with the ethos of bands like Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, it’s a comforting return to a sound that’s both treasured and timeless.

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