New Release: talker – “TWENTYSOMETHING”

In a realm where the modern anxieties of navigating one’s twenties meet the unfiltered vigor of alternative rock, talker delivers an anthem of potent resonance in “TWENTYSOMETHING.” Released under the audaciously named Head Bitch Music, this track has hit the ground running, managing to capture the zeitgeist of an entire generation’s conundrum.

From the off-kilter joys of coming-of-age like being cut from parental safety nets to the existential dread of future uncertainties, “TWENTYSOMETHING” is a battle cry for those times when life’s absurdities border on being cosmic jokes. It’s a song that doesn’t just say “life’s a mess;” it screams it with fervent passion, taking listeners on a cathartic journey through those uniquely jarring challenges that one faces during the tumultuous twenties.

The track’s energy is not just about aimless frustration but rather a collective howl with those facing similar ordeals. It’s reminiscent of similar female-driven punk songwriters like illuminati hotties and Speedy Ortiz, sharing that raw, fiery spirit. In particular, talker’s sound in this single possesses shades of Wet Leg’s spirited defiance.

Celeste Tauchar, the mastermind behind talker, has already proven her mettle with critically acclaimed EPs and a repertoire that’s earned her nods from the likes of NPR Music and Billboard. However, “TWENTYSOMETHING” feels like her shedding any remnants of restraint, letting her truth roar with unapologetic clarity. The song is her giving herself, and by extension her listeners, permission to lean into their frustrations without judgment or justification.

The background narrative of Tauchar’s journey – from her personal challenges stemming from a deeply religious upbringing to confronting suppressed truths about her own sexuality – enriches the tapestry of her debut album. This background makes “TWENTYSOMETHING” not just another rock song but a page from a diary that many will find eerily familiar.

When an artist opts for radical honesty, the result can often be uncomfortable. But with talker, this vulnerability proves to be her biggest strength. The entirety of her debut album promises a gamut of raw emotions, from tracks that dig deep into personal reflections to those that unashamedly embrace unbridled rage. If “TWENTYSOMETHING” is any indicator, talker is set to offer a treasure trove of emotive anthems that will resonate long after the last note has faded.

With an upcoming schedule filled with releases and tours, talker’s mission is clear: she wants to share her truth, and in doing so, hopes to inspire listeners to embrace their own. In the loud, chaotic world of one’s twenties (and let’s face it, life in general), sometimes all you need is a good scream, a heartfelt chorus, and a song that says, “I get it.” “TWENTYSOMETHING” is that song. And as it reverberates through the hearts and headphones of many, it’s a bright beacon signaling talker’s triumphant entry into the alt-rock arena.

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