New Release: Daniel Trakell – “Waves”

In a world overflowing with music, it’s a delight to stumble upon songs that resonate with genuine artistry and heart. Daniel Trakell’s “Waves” is one such song—a soulful folk track that delicately ties the past to the present. Released just a few days ago, this song makes anticipation for his upcoming album, ‘Into the Blue’, palpable.

A melodic journey that ebbs and flows like the very waves it’s named after, “Waves” finds inspiration from the greats of the 60s-era folk, bringing to mind the poignant songwriting of Townes Van Zandt, Jackson C. Frank, and even the legendary Bob Dylan. But Trakell doesn’t merely emulate; he absorbs those influences, reworking them into a soundscape that is unmistakably his own.

Melbourne’s quiet corners have birthed an artist who possesses an uncanny ability to capture expansive emotions in seemingly simple verses. The choice of recording the track in an old church hall in Mollongghip adds a certain haunting beauty to the piece, with echoes of bygone eras subtly reverberating through the song. It’s easy to visualize the hall, with its vastness, natural reverb, and history, melding perfectly with Trakell’s heartfelt chords and lyrics.

Josh Barber’s skilled touch as a producer elevates “Waves” to even greater heights. Known for his work with distinguished artists like Gretta Ray and Gotye, Barber brings a finesse to the track that merges the earthiness of traditional folk with the sleekness of modern production. There’s an authentic rawness, yet it’s beautifully polished—quite the delicate balance to strike.

Given Trakell’s prior collaborations with Barber, the two seem to have developed an intrinsic musical understanding, as seen in previous works that exude Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes-esque influences. This connection shines brightly in “Waves”, where every note and lyric feels deliberately placed, painting an intricate tapestry of nostalgia, longing, and reflection.

What’s truly commendable is the depth of emotion Trakell infuses into his songs. Like ripples in a pond, his music spreads, touching the hearts and souls of those who listen. “Waves” is no exception. It’s a testament to his growth as an artist—a songwriter who’s not afraid to delve deep, to explore the very crevices of human emotion.

In conclusion, “Waves” stands as a powerful prelude to Daniel Trakell’s forthcoming album. It’s a mesmerizing blend of past and present, tradition and innovation, rawness and refinement. As the song fades, listeners are left yearning for more, waiting eagerly for the rest of ‘Into the Blue’. Given the splendor of this single, it’s safe to say that the album is poised to be one of the standout releases of the year.

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