Song Review: Lily Mae Harrington – “The Sun is My Lover”

Lily Mae Harrington offers an oasis of authenticity with her latest track, “The Sun is My Lover”. A sun-drenched melody replete with nostalgic hints and a contemporary edge, the song feels like a vivid tableau of yesteryears and the current moment in harmonic coexistence.

The lead track from her EP immediately impresses with its vivacity. Vintage harmonies reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters mesh beautifully with beachy guitar strums, evoking memories of summer days by the shore, sunscreen and old record players. But what’s truly unexpected and delightful is the spicy fusion of influences. One can’t help but feel the cheeky vibe of Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun” intertwined with the audacious spirit of Cardi B’s “W.A.P.”, culminating in a track that is equal parts throwback and modern-day anthem.

With a voice that channels powerhouses like Brittany Howard and Adele, yet maintains a flavor very much her own, Lily’s vocal prowess shines throughout. Her range of influences, spanning from Carole King to HAIM, is evident not just in her singing, but in the songwriting itself. The track flows seamlessly, balancing between ballad-like moments and sections that demand to be belted out.

What makes Lily Mae Harrington such a force in the music industry is her ability to be multifaceted. From her roles on popular TV series to being recognized as a “Fresh Find” on Spotify, her talents extend beyond just her musical endeavors. However, her dedication to the art of songwriting shines brightly in “The Sun is My Lover”. The track’s irresistible hook, masterful melodies, and clever lyrical choices are a testament to her craft. Songs like “TGTBT” have already given listeners a taste of her capabilities, and with this new track, she solidifies her reputation as a pop savant.

Lily Mae Harrington’s “The Sun is My Lover” is a sonic journey. It captures the thrill of a fleeting summer romance, the nostalgia for a bygone era, and the unapologetic joy of modern pop culture, all in one track. It’s not just a song; it’s an invitation to dance, to reminisce, and most importantly, to embrace the radiant energy of the moment. And as the melodies fade, one can’t help but hit replay and soak up the sun all over again.

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